Local farmers markets celebrate National Farmers Market Week

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Farmers markets across the country are celebrating National Farmers Market Week. With food prices on the rise, there’s no better time to celebrate your local suppliers.

“We’re all here to eat good food. We’re all here to celebrate community and celebrate supporting our locally owned businesses,” said Dana Eardley, CEO of Fulton Street Market.

The week gives these markets a chance to showcase how local farmers directly impact their communities by providing locally sourced and healthy food.

“Whatever you can do to support your local farmer, do it because it’s so important to us. It’s important to our family, and every one of my family members benefits from what you use in my stall,” said Case Visser, co-owner of Visser Farms in Zeeland.

But with prices at record highs, many are working hard to keep up.

“It’s an expensive time right now,” Visser said. “The supply chain has really affected us a lot. Fertilizer costs have increased and everything is up. Also fills up your gas tank. You are daily operating costs.”

To help with inflation and rising food prices, the Fulton Street Farmers Market offers a handful of food assistance programs.

The Michigan Farmers Market Association also has a tool on their website to find a farmers market near you.

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