Liverpool: Homeowner charged with murder ‘threatened to kill burglar’

Jordan Brophy, the crime scene near the house in Halewood, near Liverpool.

Karl Townsend stabbed Jordan Brophy (pictured) after catching him breaking into his house (Photos: Liverpool Echo)

A father who allegedly murdered a burglar who broke into his house threatened to kill him unless he confessed, a court has heard.

Karl Townsend, 32, was at his parents’ home with his half-brother Jamie Cunningham on October 29 last year when his phone alerted him to the burglary.

His home in Halewood, on the outskirts of Liverpool, was equipped with a bell which he could see from his unit.

The brothers hurried over and ended up killing Jordan Brophy, 31 – one of the three men seen sneaking into the house on CCTV.

Prosecutors allege Townshend stabbed Brophy in the head, arm and twice in the face before leaving and returned to stab him again in the neck “out of revenge or punishment”.

Yesterday, Liverpool Crown Court was shown footage from several CCTV cameras where one can hear Townsend threatening Mr Brophy.

A clip shows Mr Brophy and two other men climbing over the fence to Townsend’s property and then breaking into the back of the house.

In another video, Townsend and Cunningham, 23, can be seen arriving in front of the house just a few seconds later.

Jordan Brophy.  A father who allegedly murdered a man after he broke into his home in Halewood, near Liverpool, is said to have threatened him in advance.

Brophy, 31, was allegedly stabbed in the face and neck repeatedly before he died (Photo: Liverpool Echo)

The crime scene on Beechwood Avenue, Halewood, near Liverpool.  A father who allegedly murdered a man after he broke into his home in Halewood, near Liverpool, is said to have threatened him in advance.

The crime scene took place inside and outside Townsend’s house in Halewood, near Liverpool (Photo: Liverpool Echo)

You can hear Townsend shout ‘Hey! What are you doing boy? Go out!’ before entering his house.

The cameras record sounds of quarrels and fights coming from inside the home before Mr Brophy is seen running out of the property and shouting: ‘I can not see, I can not see’.

Townsend follows Mr Brophy and the burglar tells him: ‘It was not me, it was not me. I did not trick – ‘.

The sound is muted at this point, but then Townsend can later be heard saying, ‘Who was that? Who was it?

‘I just saw you in my house. Hi Jordan, you know what you’re doing and robbing my house. Tell me boy or I’ll kill you. ‘

It was at this point that Townsend is said to have stabbed Mr Brophy. Townsend and Cunningham do not deny that they caused his death, but they deny murder.

Townsend was previously accused of ‘lying through his teeth’ by claiming that his actions ‘were only ever in defense of myself, my family and the property’.

The trial continues.

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