Live updates: Birmingham airport chaos with ‘long queues and passengers stuck on planes’

Birmingham Airport passengers have been hit by long delays during the holiday – with allegations that some are stuck on a plane on the runway. It comes after weeks of chaos for some travelers in the West Midlands hub.

Today, April 29, people took to social media again to share photos while waiting in line to get through to their plane. At least two Twitter users claimed they were stranded on the runway after arriving on a LoganAir flight from Inverness.

The Solihull hub has been described as “hell” by some holidaymakers over the past month. The relaxation of international travel rules made Easter holidays possible for the first time since 2019, but airports across the UK claimed that staff shortages had caused waiting times to skyrocket.

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Birmingham Airport has previously asked passengers to remember to remove liquids and electrical items from luggage to speed up the process. Nathan Langton said this morning: “This is a new one. Arrive with the LoganAir plane to Birmingham and at the gate.

“But no ground staff to even put stop blocks on wheels or open doors to the terminal. Pilot has stepped out of the plane to ‘see if he can flag anyone to help’.”

And another user in the queue wrote: “I’m currently in the fast track queue and it’s faster to go in the normal queue. Have been here for over 20 minutes while people who have not paid walk past and through security, definitely a joke! “

A spokesman for Birmingham Airport said: “We had a busy start today with around 16,500 customers reserved to fly out. The queues were long but managed and moved. We thank the customers for their patience and understanding.”

This is a liveblog and will be updated during the morning.

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