“Lightyear” Tanking while “Maverick” keeps flying

“Lightyear” Tanking while “Maverick” keeps flying

Box office numbers continue to be revised downward for Disney and Pixar’s “Lightyear” with the $ 200 million budget “Toy Story” spin-off set for a decidedly deficient $ 51 million domestic transportation over the weekend.

In addition, international is also soft on the film, where the animated feature earned only $ 34.6 million from 43 markets.

The sophomore race of “Jurassic World Dominion” will take the North American crown for the weekend, as it – despite a fall of 60% – still managed to generate $ 58.6 million in the domestic market.

Another great story this weekend is “Top Gun: Maverick,” which continues to exceed all expectations. The film dropped only 15% in its fourth weekend and still reached $ 44 million.

To put it in perspective, there was only one other film that generated more in its fourth weekend – James Cameron’s “Avatar,” which received $ 50 million. To date, ‘Maverick’ has earned $ 466 million in the domestic market and $ 885 million worldwide.

Questions are now being raised about the reason for the soft “Lightyear” launch from the weak reviews to the minor controversies.

A common thought in analysis pieces is that the studio itself has potentially ‘trained’ family audiences to expect Pixar movies to debut live on Disney + after they sent the studio’s last three movies live for streaming during the pandemic.

Source: Deadline

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