Letter: Lady Paula Rego Obituary | Paula Rego

Paula Rego was charming and modest, and liked to make naughty jokes. By her private views, she would notice sotto voce about the sexual implications of the painting or the pressure in front of us.

On one occasion, she showed me and my wife around her studio, which was a bit like a theater workshop, with racks of costumes and the strange array of stuffed animals, dolls and grotesque people. Her current painting was on easel, with the stage set of her creatures placed in front. In her studio, the impression she gave was of seriousness and restraint.

In 2008, I was pleased to persuade the Committee of Minor Planets of the International Astronomical Union to name an asteroid after her. It is located on the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and was discovered in 1991 at the Mount Palomar Observatory in California.

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