Leadership battle erupts in Virginia House of Delegates

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RICHMOND – A group of Democratic lawmakers still running from the party’s loss in November are working to oust former chairman Eileen Filler-Corn as the party’s leader in the House of Commons, and are calling for a vote to remove her when the General Assembly convenes on Wednesday. annual “veto session.”

The effort – led by Del. Don L. Scott Jr. (Portsmouth), which seeks to replace Filler-Corn (Fairfax) as House minority leader – continues to reflect party anxiety as it seeks to regain momentum in a state that seemed solidly blue before Republican Glenn Youngkin won the governor’s mansion and helped his party with regaining the majority in Richmond’s lower chamber.

Scott, who announced the effort in a letter to Democratic caucus leaders Sunday, pulled headlines and a personal visit from Youngkin earlier this year after publicly questioning the new governor’s religious beliefs about his use of race as a political issues.

After a tough start, Youngkin faces a difficult job of building relationships

“I look forward to working with each member of our caucus to ensure Democrats are on track for victory in the next election cycle,” Scott said in a brief interview Monday. “Our caucus will meet soon and I look forward to discussing our vision of victory as soon as our internal discussions are over. I look forward to joining my colleagues in Richmond for the meeting again on Wednesday and coming out with an overall plan. to win back the majority. “

Filler-Corn, who presided as speaker for the two years the Democrats controlled the House, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Despite the November loss, Democrats chose to keep her at the helm of the party for another two-year term in the December caucus election.

She was the first woman and the first Jewish person to hold the rostrum – one of the most powerful posts in state politics – in the house’s 400-year history.

Scott had served as caucus’s vice president of outreach. In his letter, he resigned from this role and called for the caucus vote on Wednesday to remove Filler-Corn as minority leader and Del. Charniele L. Herring (Alexandria) as Caucus President.

If they are removed, he wants the caucus to immediately hold another vote to fill all three seats, according to his letter in which he nominated himself for minority leader, Del. Sally L. Hudson (Charlottesville) to Caucus President and Del. Dan Helmer (Fairfax) to Vice President of Outreach.

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