Laura Jones: The former grid girl who wants to be a race car driver

After starting her career on the track as a grid girl, Laura Jones has aimed to drive her own car.

The 29-year-old from Hinckley in Leicestershire works as a mechanic for the Greystone GT, but attends test events that she hopes will help her get into the driver’s seat.

In 2018, it was decided that grid girls would no longer be used in F1, but Laura believes the experience helped her break into motorsport.

“If I had not been a grid girl, I would not be where I am now,” she said.

“I did not feel exploited at all.”

Stuart Pringle, chief executive of the British circuit Silverstone, said: “We wholeheartedly support the decision of F1 to drop the use of grid girls – it is an outdated practice that no longer has a place in the sport.”

Video Journalist: Chris Waring

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