Launch of “Equivo”, the first Emirati platform specialized in employee savings programs

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The city of Al Ain witnessed the launch of “Equivo”, the first Emirati platform specialized in savings programs for employees in the UAE, which aims to open a new field for employers and employees in support of the state’s policy to attract the best talents in various fields, and activate the local financial markets, under the patronage of Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Muslim bin Ham Al-Amri.

On the occasion of the launch of the platform, Sheikh Mohammed bin Ham, who has overseen the company’s strategy since its inception, said: An innovative platform with high-level humanitarian and social goals, which we hope will be a significant addition in the economic and business sectors of the country, as the platform works to help employees in the UAE achieve their financial security, and the launch of “Equivo”, comes in an effort to contribute to the achievement of the state’s strategy of attracting talent and extensive investment in the existing human resources.

Hazem Abdel Rahman, co-founder of Equivo, an international actuary specializing in pensions and retirement plans, said: “The Equivo platform is designed to ensure the financial security of employees by partnering with employers by investing a percentage of their salaries, in a safe and highly rated investment portfolio To act as a savings portfolio to secure future retirement plans.

Hazem added that the platform relied on the use of the latest available technologies and the best international systems and standards in investment funds, which can be compared to the automatic registration system in the United Kingdom and the 401k program in the United States. America. The platform is characterized by enabling employers to finance end of service benefits and to enhance it through secure investment programs.

The platform offers employees multiple investment options based on their risk tolerance and lifestyle preferences, such as Shariah-compliant investments or ESG-aware investments.

The platform positively contributes to attracting talent and motivating them by providing flexible investment solutions that ease financial obligations for companies and helps to increase employees’ confidence in their financial future with the aim of saving and retiring.

Equifua was established in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Abu Dhabi International Financial Market and was designed according to the best financial practices and standards in Great Britain and Canada, the two leading countries in this type of service, while the investment portfolio is provided by one of the best asset managers in the world and the funds will be protected by TMF Group, one of the world’s leading providers of trust funds. The company has the support of a large number of prominent investors in the country and the region.


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