Kyle Shanahan: No swap offer for Deebo Samuel was “far close”

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49ers and receiver Deebo Samuel are currently in a dead end.

Samuel wants out. San Francisco has every intention of keeping him.

While the 49ers do not want to part with an important offensive player, another factor in San Francisco’s view is that there has not been a trade-off that is worth entertaining.

At his joint press conference with GM John Lynch after the end of the draft’s third round, head coach Kyle Shanahan admitted he was surprised and a little disappointed by Samuel’s swap request. But Shanahan added that it is part of the business.

“You want to consider anything. You have a responsibility to help your organization in the best way possible,” Shanahan said. “But losing a player like Deebo, it’s hard to see how it helps your organization. So you try to take a closer look at all the aspects of it and what people are willing to do, and nothing was even close to what we thought would be fair to us or fair to Niners. “

Shanahan said he has not spoken to Samuel for a few weeks, but he still feels that the recipient and the organization can resolve things.

“We have a good relationship with Deebo,” Shanahan said. “I’ve not seen him much since the season ended. I think it’s a little bit easier when you’re dealing with people without screens and phones in front of you and whatever you read, whatever it is. of the world is like that, I know my children are. But I do not try to get too caught up in it. You know someone, they know you. And when there comes a time when it calms down – hopefully it falls more to calm down after this draft – and things get a little easier.

“But it’s not someone we’ve just met. We’ve been with him for three years. I think we know him pretty well. He knows us pretty well. And things have not been the best during the last few months, seen from the outside. But I see a lot happening in this league, especially in contract situations. So you do not try to overreact in one way or another to it. You try to be patient with it because the emotions can get high in people, especially when you care about people, and drive a lot on it. But that’s what you need to make sure you do not react to. And you need to make sure that when it’s all said and done, first and foremost “You’re doing what’s right for the organization. And then, secondly, you’re trying to get a win-win for both sides.”

Shanahan declined to go into detail about why Samuel made his request or the specific issues that wideout has with the franchise.

“There are a lot of things that come into play,” Shanahan said. “I would love to share it all with everyone so people could understand more, but it’s really not right for Deebo, it’s not right for the ’49s. Hopefully we can fix this, and one day it will work out for you.”

So at least for now, Samuel is still with San Francisco. Whether both sides will eventually be able to come up with a win-win remains to be seen.

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