Kramer hired to be programming director for Bloomberg Quicktake

Kyle Kramer

Bloomberg Media has hired Kyle Kramer as Bloomberg Quicktake’s Programming Director.

Kramer is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Bloomberg Quicktake Video Business Network, launched in November 2020.

Based in New York, Kramer will monitor Bloomberg Quicktake’s programming strategy across digital, social and streaming channels, develop production capabilities across all departments that support Bloomberg Quicktake shows, and implement a framework for acquiring third-party content and working with talent. He will also work to continue to expand the network’s development and production capabilities to opportunities in television, film and streaming.

“We are pleased to welcome Kyle to the Bloomberg Quicktake family,” he said Jared Sandberg, senior executive editor, in a statement. “He is an experienced leader in television and film development, and his varied production experience will open new doors for the business video network.”

Bloomberg Quicktake’s latest shows include, “How I Got Here”, hosted by NBA All Star Chris Paul, and “Emma Barnett meets …”, hosted by award-winning British television station and journalist Emma Barnett.

After writing and producing several independent feature films, Kramer built the video studio at Vox Media from scratch, resumed video studio at IDG (Foundry) and Forbes, and co-launched Forbes Entertainment, which produced the WeWork documentary for Hulu.

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