Kim K’s shocking weight loss, Nicki Minaj’s unfiltered interview and several surprising moments from the Met gala!

Of course, the Met Gala is about fashion – but it’s the unexpected moments that happen during and after the famous red carpet that get everyone talking. From Kim Kardashian admitting she lost 16 pounds to fitting into her dress to Nicki Minaj’s reaction to being interrupted during an interview, this year’s Met Gala did not disappoint with the viral moments.

Kim Kardashian

When it comes to fashion, the ultimate goal is to fit into your dress in all the necessary ways – and that’s exactly what Kim Kardashian did. Wearing Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress, in which she gave President John F. Kennedy a serenade, Kim Kardashain revealed in an interview that she had to lose 16 kilos to fit into the dress because it absolutely could not be changed due to its legendary status. The 60-year-old dress had been at the museum and was lent to Kim only for the Met Gala’s festivities.

Nicki Minaj

Some of the best moments from red carpet moments happen during the interviews on camera, and this time it included an absolutely unfiltered moment that involved Nicki Minaj. While returning to the Met Gala after being absent for the past few years, Nicki went upstairs when she was interrupted, shouted up and asked if they were responsible for leaking that she was attending the gala. She then said to them, “I should knock s ** t out of you!” Clearly confused from climbing the high steps and slightly annoyed, Nicki’s fool kept away from the barbz Kiki-ing all night.

Teyana Taylor

Now the Met Gala is known for many things, but good food is really not one of them, just ask Teyana Taylor. After turning heads at this year’s event, Teyana took to Instagram to show her fans that after she went on the red carpet, Teyana confirmed that she was taking some Popeyes chickens with her to make sure she was happy .

NOT Jared Leto

Social media was in shambles when the photos of actor Jared Leto at the Met Gala hit the internet because his looks were so amazing … but it turned out that the photo agencies were making a huge mistake and identifying the wrong man. The man who everyone originally thought was Jared Leto actually turned out to be Fredrik Robertsson.

This year’s Met Gala is officially in the history books, but we can definitely expect more exciting moments next year!

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