Kevin McCarthy speaks to the Republican Party in Anaheim and avoids talking about ongoing controversies

California Congressman Kevin McCarthy, who has received heat for recorded comments he made about former President Donald Trump and the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, was the keynote speaker at the state Republican Party convention dinner Saturday night.

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Despite the national headlines, the Bakersfield Republican did not address the controversy in his speech, though the audience at the party still greeted him warmly.

McCarthy is on his way to becoming Speaker of Parliament if the GOP gains control in the November election, but conventional wisdom is that he needs Trump’s support and fend off rivals.

While avoiding talking about the release of audio, in which he suggested Trump step down to bear some responsibility for the Capitol uprising, McCarthy instead spoke in general terms about the press and his continued work with the former president.

“Do not let the things that do not matter get in our way. Do not let the media divide us. Let them get us off topic. They can talk about anything they want to talk about, but we know what the United States wants Garden .”

The congressman continued to praise Trump.

“President Trump helped build the strongest economy in our nation’s history. You can applaud what you know, and his strong leadership and determination kept our enemies at bay. We know what it takes to get the job done and we fight. together with him. ”

This weekend, Republicans in California plan to publish their list of state-wide endorsements. The party chairman said they are particularly focusing on some competitive congressional races and opportunities to turn seats, as they did in 2020.

It is unclear whether the state party will support anyone in the race against Governor Newsom. Last September, while trying to revoke Newsom, the state party gave no approvals.

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