Kenosha Art Studio offers painting as a therapy to help troubled youth

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – A Kenosha artist uses paint to help others deal with their trauma and anxiety.

Katy Wallner started painting many years ago as a form of therapy and expression, but she never thought it would turn into a business.

“Just let any emotion you can feel let it out,” Wallner said of her experience with paint.

However, she does not only use a traditional brush. She often throws away the paint or uses a spin cycle to make unique designs.

“It’s just a unique art studio where you come in, and it’s not about creating that particular image with a particular technique,” Wallner said.

Wallner now owns and operates Hot Mess Studios. It’s a place people come in to throw away paint. And most of her sessions are used as psychosocial therapy for troubled teens and nurtured teens.

“[They say] ‘it’s so cool’. I love when they say ‘I do not know how to make art’ and I say

“Perfect, let’s just do it.”

It’s not about creating something that people understand or even admire, Wallner says, it’s about the process.

“It’s just coming in and letting go and letting your whole spirit guide you through the process,” Wallner said.

Wallner has a personal connection to paint casting. She was a foster child herself, and she struggled with, among other things, anxiety.

“I felt a little outcast,” Wallner said. “There’s just a whole different kind of trauma that comes with it.”

Watch as CBS 58 Sunday Morning enters Hot Mess Studios to try the paint job and healing process Wallner talks about

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