Kelly Rowland steps into the shadow room to talk about her new children’s book, build a relationship with her father and more

Kelly Rowland just released her new book, “Always With You, Always With Me,” which is a children’s book she co-authored with Jessica McKay. We were present at the launch of the book in New York, and Kelly stepped into The Shade Room to talk about the inspiration behind the book, motherhood, building a relationship with her father, and her upcoming film.

When it comes to what inspired her new book, she tells us that it came from her personal experience of missing her children when she returned to work and they went back to school after the shutdown caused by the pandemic.

“Having the moment where you miss your kids is really real,” she said. “It’s precisely these moments where you repeat the tape.”

As earlier reported, last month Kelly Rowland opened up about getting in touch with her father Christopher Lovett after 30 years. When we asked if there was anything she has learned from him about parenting after their recent time together, she said:

“You know, before we met again, I do not know what his dynamics were about being a parent. So I think he learns to be a parent to me, learns to be a father, and he does a really good job. “

She went on to explain that they are still in the process of learning from each other as they continue to build their relationship.

Kelly also shared her enthusiasm for her upcoming film “Fantasy Football,” in which she co-stars with Omari Hardwick and Marsai Martin, who also serves as one of the film’s producers. She said,

“The film is just brilliant, it really is. Anton Cropper is the director, he is brilliant, one of the many geniuses behind ‘Black-ish’, but the way he directs and the way this crew is is all about this is a dream come true for a set to work on and I’m just happy. ”

According to Deadlinethe film ‘follows 16-year-old Callie Coleman (Marsai), who discovers she can test the professionalism of her professional footballer father Bobby Colemans (Omari) on the pitch through EA Sports’ Madden NFL. “

See Kelly’s full interview below:

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