Kardashian trial LIVE – Kris Jenner urges show officials to ‘DITCH’ Blac Chyna’s reality series in shock lyrics

KRIS Jenner’s texts were presented to the jury, where she told the leaders that they should “discard the b ****”.

Kris and the rest of the Kardashian / Jenner family reportedly expressed their concerns about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s show because of the state of their relationship.

Jeff Olde, vice president of development and programming at E !, was questioned at the booth by Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani.

An email was sent by Olde to E! bosses who stated that if the second season of Rob & Chyna did not start, it would be because the Kardashian family was so against it, not the network, which also stated in court that the ratings for series one were “promising”

Olde later withdrew during the cross-examination of Michael Rhodes, saying they just wanted Rob and Chyna to get therapy and that the door was always open for another season if they reconciled completely and worked on their relationship.

Chyna is suing the Kardashian family for allegedly being the reason why the second season of her reality show, Rob & Chyna, was canceled. Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renée White, is asking for more than $ 100 million in compensation.

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  • No footage of alleged fights

    Kylie explained that there were no security cameras inside her Hidden Hills home when the alleged fight between Rob and Chyna took place in December 2016, but there may have been cameras outside.

    Kylie said no one ever checked the footage or called police because Corey was spreading the situation and the couple had been separated.

  • Possible false relationship

    When Kylie was asked if she thought Chyna’s relationship with Rob was fake at the time, Kylie simply said, “Maybe.”

    She then explained further after the death in December in her house: “I just did not know how anyone could do that to anyone and love them.”

  • Chyna’s pregnancy, continued

    Kylie said she did not remember if they hosted a baby shower for Chyna, but they did film occasionally, and she later let them stay in one of her Hidden Hills properties “for free” when it was empty. .

    Asked why she did not ask the couple for rent, Kylie replied, “Just because I would not ask my brother to pay rent.”

  • Chyna’s pregnancy

    Asked how she felt when the couple announced that Chyna was pregnant, Kylie admitted: “I was actually really happy for my brother, while at the same time I was curious who it would go with Chyna.”

    Asked why she was so happy that someone who chopped her boyfriend’s arm got serious with her brother, she said it was not “in my thoughts at the time” and said her relationship with Chyna was ” Okay”.

    She said she wanted to be cool with Chyna, and “despite everything, I wanted my brother to succeed.”

  • Rob did not tell the family about the engagement

    Chyna’s lawyer asked Kylie how she was doing when Rob announced that he was engaged to Chyna, to which she said, “I remember I was a little upset because we found out via the internet.”

  • Chyna allegedly threatened Kylie, continued

    Ciani asked if she called the police, but she said she did not do so as she took it as an “empty threat”, adding: “I assumed she might be tall, it was honestly, how I felt, “and mentioned that it was early in the morning and she had been told by Rob that she was drinking and taking drugs at that time.

  • Chyna allegedly threatened Kylie

    Kylie was asked to remember any time Chyna had threatened her physically, to which she replied, “I remember one night I woke up to some threatening texts from Chyna, she sent me a lot of devil emojis and counted the days to hit me? Or I do not know what she meant. “

  • The situation was ‘bizarre’

    In an email to bosses, Olde wrote that the situation was “bizarre”, but claimed: “The family is now all against Rob & Chyna having their own show because they have strong reservations about Chyna and how healthy the relationship is for both of them. .”

    But the email added that all of Kardashians and Jenners were open to having Chyna on their show, as she would be paid $ 370,000 for four episodes.

    Olde said he felt this was a healthy and responsible way of dealing with the situation and hoped they could reconcile and repair their relationship.

  • Olde tried to ‘save the show’

    Olde insisted it would have been “too depressing” for the viewer to follow Rob and Chyna into therapy, but they were happy to revisit the series if things worked out.

    Rhodes rumbled in the courtroom that Olde was trying to “SAVE the show, not kill it,” which he said was true.

    Kylie Jenner then went on to be questioned under oath again by Chyna’s lawyer Lynne Ciani. She did not look at Chyna throughout her testimony and took the time to sip a black water bottle while smiling in the direction of her sister and mother.

  • Rhodes cross-examines Olde

    Olde said he felt that Kylie, who was 18 or 19 at the time, was just a worried teenage sister, and that did not really affect his business decisions.

    In Khloe’s email, she allegedly wrote, “The sisters are clearly worried and uncomfortable about our brother’s safety and the credibility of the brand at this point as they stain,” meaning both Rob and Chyna.

    Olde also insisted that it was not unusual to hold meetings at Kris Jenner’s home to discuss KUWTK, and that the whole idea from the team from January 2017 was to pay Chyna to join the family series and ax Rob & Chyna so far.

  • Old backtracks

    Olde later withdrew during the cross-examination of Michael Rhodes, saying they just wanted Rob and Chyna to get therapy and that the door was always open for another season if they reconciled completely and worked on their relationship.

    Rhodes read several excerpts from Kylie and Khloe’s emails, including Kylie, who said, “The whole reason Chyna wants to be with my brother is because of this show,” adding that she was “too fake and destructive “and that she did not really love Røve.

  • E! VP is being grilled by Chyna’s lawyer

    Jeff Olde, vice president of development and programming at E !, was questioned at the booth by Ciani, and an email was read out, which he sent to E! bosses stated: “That said, I’m not sure how we’ll do this show if the family is really against it once we get into the new year. It’s possible it’s all just being folded into the mother ship in form of stories. ”

    He also said in emails that if the second season of Rob & Chyna did not start, it would be because the Kardashian family was so against it, not the network, and also stated in court that the ratings for series one were “promising “

  • E! Execs continues to test the water

    Olde said most of the producers met to discuss KUWTK at Kris Jenner’s “Around the Dining Table” on a number of occasions, and again insisted that the topic Rob & Chyna was only mentioned at the end, despite it being the title of the e-mail about said meeting.

    Olde insisted he believed the couple had broken up at the time of the January 4 meeting, saying “there were no more Rob and Chyna at the time,” adding that he walked away from media reports about the couple and believed , that they were no one. longer speech.

  • E! execs ‘measure the temperature’ in the situation

    In an email to his bosses, Olde expressed both sisters’ concerns, but insisted: “The first thing Chyna will do if we do not move forward is to sell her own show somewhere else where we (and the K family) will have zero control over the content, “he added,” Imagine that for a moment. “

    He said that the meeting at Kris’ home was also to measure the temperature of the situation after the holiday, and insisted that the door was still open if Rob & Chyna decided to reconcile.

  • Kardashians and E! Execs met without Rob and Chyna

    The jury was shown an email titled “Rob & Chyna Meeting” between executives.

    Olde confirmed that a meeting was being held at Kris Jenner’s home, but insisted that it was mostly focused on Keeping up with the Kardashians, and they felt a conversation at the end about Rob & Chyna’s possible second season.

    He admitted that neither Rob nor Chyna were present for the meeting.

  • ‘Life of Kylie’ causes chaos

    Ciani, Chyna’s lawyer, then asked if a “whiz wheel” was presented to Life Of Kylie, a short spin-off of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, for E! before it was shipped in 2017.

    Olde said he could not confirm when the sizzle wheel, a teaser of a show, was presented to them.

    During this exchange, Kylie was seen leaning back and whispering to the family’s lawyers.

  • Kylie and Khloe’s Emails, Part Five

    Khloe’s email said they were uncomfortable moving on with another season because they were concerned about Rob’s safety and the “credibility of the brand” which was being “stained”.

  • Kylie and Khloe’s Emails, Part Four

    A further email was sent by Khloe asking for the show to be canceled and Olde said both emails were an “emotional reaction” to what had happened to Rob and Chyna and that they acted as concerned sisters.

  • Kylie and Khloe’s emails, part three

    The email also said that Kylie felt “very strongly” about the network canceling season 2 of Rob & Chyna after the scenes that the family witnessed after their blowout argument in which Chyna allegedly pulled a gun against Rob and tried to strangle him with a telephone cord.

    Asked how he felt about the email and what direction he was taking, OIde said, “I don’t usually take direction from a 17-year-old, to be honest.”

  • Kylie and Khloe’s emails, continued

    Ciani said this was a “very serious accusation” and said the email had cc Khloe and was sent to other executives on E! Network.

    The email also said they were still in favor of filming for E! and Kylie said the family would compensate for the cancellation of Rob & Chyna by giving them new content.

  • Kylie and Khloe sent ‘damn emails’

    Cursing emails were later shown in court showing that Kylie and Khloe had contacted Olde and demanded that the Rob & Chyna show be canceled for another season.

    An email from Kylie dated the end of December 2016, after Rob and Chyna’s alleged abuse, she said, “The show gives this toxic woman money and exposure, she lives and breathes,” and said she will only continue to abusing his brother emotionally and physically. .

  • VP for E! takes a position, continued

    Olde insisted that the show was intended to be a “light-hearted, romantic comedy,” but Ciani asked him to remember specific episodes he could not, including episode one titled “Are You Still Texting B *****” “.

    He said not all moments were easy, but he could not remember any specific episodes.

  • VP for programming at E! making your Mind Up

    Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of Development and Programming at E !, took the stand for questioning in the latter part of the afternoon.

    He confirmed that he was the first person to suggest the green light for a series about Rob and Chyna, but would send the recommendation to two colleagues before a season was fully confirmed.

    He claimed to Ciani, Chyna’s lawyer, that there was never a storyboard meeting for the show, as it was his impression that there were no more Rob and Chyna when they had split up.

  • What is the trial about, part three

    Chyna is suing the family for $ 100 million, claiming they ruined her reality TV career.

    Chyna is seeking more than $ 40 million in loss of earnings and more than $ 60 million in loss of future earning capacity, according to court documents in the case against the Kardashians.

    The family responded to the allegations with their own lawsuit, claiming that Chyna had attacked Rob.

  • What the lawsuit is about continued

    Chyna was previously engaged to Rob Kardashian and they have a daughter together, Dream.

    The couple starred in their own E! reality show together, Rob & Chyna, which aired for a season in 2016.

    The second season was recorded when the two broke up, but it was scrapped and was never aired.

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