K-pop stars spotted around Vancouver, Canada on tour stop visit

Before playing their show in Vancouver, the group Seventeen took a break around the city

One of K-pop’s biggest acts is playing a show in Vancouver, but before taking the stage, Seventeen got fans excited when they posted photos from around the city.

Vancouver was even trending on social media on August 9 after one member, Mingyu (김민규), posted photos of himself playing beach volleyball and walking along the beach shirtless in Vancouver. The post already has nearly 2 million likes on Instagram, and the photos have flooded other social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.

“Mingyu Vancouver version, you will not be forgotten,” wrote one fan’s twitter account.

“Kim Mingyu in Vancouver is a sight to behold,” noted another, cashing in thousands of likes in the process.

At the same time, Seventeen’s Hoshi also hit a beach (and Fairview).

However, it wasn’t just the groups’ beach adventures that sent fans into a state of fervor.

When the members of Seventeen first arrived in Vancouver, the airport was swarmed by fans trying to catch a glimpse of the group.

@shaa_n_n_ It was a rush 😰 #shaa #seventeen #seventeenvancouver ♬ original sound – Shaa

And Seventeen’s official account has shared plenty of photos of the group around Vancouver, each garnering hundreds of thousands of likes.

Meanwhile, fans share encounters with the group across the city as the Korean pop stars explore Vancouver.

@zin_nyidonnn I swear we didn’t follow them around, this all happened in under 3 minutes (unfortunately) they were going down that road to the right but suddenly turned around for some reason? (which surprised me) but yes they continued there somewhere and I wanted to give them space (even when I was with the family and we had to go) I have several videos of them and me freaking out out but it reveals the location so I post when they leave the van #seventeen #shaking #stillhype #whatwasponedtodo #ididntevensayhi #seventeeninvancouver #pleaseddontprytofindthereaddress ♬ HOT – SEVENTEEN

@zin_nyidonnn Ulgo sipji ana but at the same time I do.. yo my luck is insane as I was sitting there drinking then bam like I was in shock at first. I can’t believe I saw seventeen on my second in Vancouver. I wasn’t even here for the concert. I didn’t even say anything because there were literally no fans there and they seemed to be in a hurry. I wish I said hi ;( #seventeen #surreal #vancouver #imnotevenfravancouver #ilovevancouver #myluckisinsaneane #i wanted to buy a lottery ticket right then that was enough #what had to be done ♬ HOT – SEVENTEEN

Vancouver is the first North American date for the Korean superstars after a two-year hiatus.

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