Judge Jeanine: Biden treats border crisis as ‘a game’ and allows people to fall in

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Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro tore into the Biden administration’s immigration agenda on Friday, calling it a “deliberate effort” to get as many people in as possible.

JUDGE JEANINE: The interesting thing is that a federal judge, I think, in Louisiana, has upheld it and is blocking the Biden administration from ending Title 42. A large number of Democrats want to make sure Title 42 is not revoked because we want to begin to see 18,000 people a day. Multiply that by 30 days in a month and you come up with a crazy number and that including the escapes. And you know it’s a real problem for this country. And what Greg says is so true. See, we are the most charitable, compassionate country in the world, and the one person who says we are not compassionate is always Geraldo. You are not compassionate. We are compassionate. We are the most compassionate country in the world.


It really did not matter, effectively, title 42, because the intent of 42, it is a health regulation. This is to ensure that we are protected from people who may come in with a disease or a public health problem. But the Border Patrol and Joe Biden and all his comrades let them all in and told us to stay home. You can not go to work. You must wear a mask. You can not fly in a plane. You can not do this. But they let everyone through the border without a mask, not even testing them for COVID. So they did not use it effectively, but apparently they were able to reject some people. Here is where is the bottom line. It’s a game. There is a conscious effort on the part of the Biden administration to bring in as many people as possible, and it is deliberate, and I do not know when it will end.


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