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Joshua Flores murder: Juries see defendant Andre Jackson’s 2016 interview with the chief detective

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – In a recorded interview with the lead detective a few hours after being arrested in June 2016, Andre Jackson denied killing Josue Flores.

Juries listened and watched the entire hour-and-a-half-long interview on day four of the murder case.

Josue Flores, 11, was stabbed to death more than 20 times on May 17, 2016 on his way home from school.

The lead HPD homicide investigator was the 27th person to take a stand.

He told that he arrested and charged the wrong man in the days after Joshua’s murder. He said they used surveillance videos and testimony to confirm his alibi. The detective spoke of two others whom they saw as possible suspects but quickly cleared up.

On June 1, 2016, the detective held a press conference and posted photos and surveillance video of the man they believed was the suspect who ran from the scene.

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The next day, he said they got a call from the owner of a Chevron on North Main St. The owner said the same man in the photos was in his store using the ATM on the morning of the murder. He remembered the distinct green jacket the man was seen wearing. Police received a copy of his surveillance video and the transaction record from the ATM.

Through a grand jury summons, the detective testified that they were able to obtain records from Chase bank that linked the card used on the Chevron to Jackson.

Other detectives arrested Jackson at the Salvation Army on June 3, 2016, using a pocket order, but he was later interviewed by the chief detective in the case.

In the recorded interview, Jackson identified himself as the man seen in the surveillance footage. He said he had lived in the Salvation Army for about a month at the time he was interviewed.

“These pictures are part of the crime scene or what?” Jackson asked the detective.

He constantly questioned where the cameras were that took the pictures and what other evidence they had to connect him to the crime.

“I might want to feel more confident looking over the evidence with you,” Jackson told the detective.

Several times he denied having killed Joshua.

“Why should I kill a random person?” Jackson asked the detective. “There is no motive for this murder at all.”

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The defendant would not give an alibi when asked several times. Eventually he said he was trying to find Walgreens or Fiesta in the area, but he was not sure where it was.

The detective repeatedly asked him why he was running and if he was scared of anything.

Jackson would not respond. He later told the detective that he was not comfortable elaborating on what he saw because he feared he would be retaliated against.

It became clear during the interview that Jackson was aware of Joshua’s murder. He knew where the child went to school and that someone had previously been charged and released. Jackson also said he had seen media coverage of the murder and thought they were looking for someone from the Salvation Army. He mentioned that his picture had been shown in the news.

The defense pointed out that the same detective interviewed the man, who was wrongfully accused of the murder, for six hours and 45 minutes, and he was also agitated.

“Just because someone does not share information does not mean they are guilty,” said one of the defense attorneys.

In 2017, the charges were dropped against Jackson due to DNA analysis of his clothes, according to the detective.

Three witnesses testified before the detective took a stand. Everyone said they saw a man in a green jacket running from the scene.

One of the witnesses was only 18 years old at the time of Joshua’s murder. He testified that it was he who selected a suspect’s picture out of a row that led to the wrong man being arrested and charged.

“I felt a pressure because I wanted someone to get caught,” he said.

The wrongfully arrested man was released from prison after 48 hours and his charges were dropped by the district attorney’s office when his alibi was confirmed.

During the trial, one of the juries became ill and was relieved of his duties. An alternate took office. The jury still sits back as seven women and five men.

The prosecution will continue to call witnesses to the stand on Friday.

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