Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s fight left the home damaged, witnesses say

The property manager of an Australian home where Johnny Depp and Amber Heard resided in 2015 during their stormy marriage testified on Monday about the injuries he was investigating after one of their most violent clashes.

The manager, Ben King, described that he visited the place after the match and found a scene with broken glass, blood dripping, a damaged bar top and a collapsed table tennis table.

It was the aftermath of an episode that is emblematic of the dueling charges that have filled the defamation suit that Mr Depp has brought against Mrs Heard. Mr. Depp has said that during that fight, Mrs. Heard threw a bottle of vodka at him, who smashed and cut off his fingertips. She has countered that he himself cut it off when he smashed a phone against a wall.

Mr. King testified that he found Mr. Depp’s fingertip in a “scraped” piece of paper in the middle of the wreck.

The property manager’s testimony came after Mr. Depp completed a fourth and final day at the stand at Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia. During his testimony, Mr. Depp described how his relationship with Ms. Heard dissolved, sometimes using floride descriptions or pantomime blows, he said she had directed at him, suggesting he had been “broken” by the experience.

“It’s psychologically, emotionally, where I was,” he testified Monday as he was questioned by one of his lawyers. “I was at the end.”

In court papers, Ms. Heard accused Mr. Depp for repeatedly abusing her throughout their relationship, claiming he hit her, kicked her, hit her with his head and tore lumps of hair out of her scalp. In 2018, she wrote an opinion piece in The Washington Post describing how her career had been negatively impacted by becoming a “public figure representing domestic abuse.”

The play did not name Mr. Depp, but he has claimed that it clearly alluded to him and damaged his career and reputation.

Mr. Depp has previously sued The Sun newspaper in England for printing a headline calling him a “wife smuggler”. He lost that case in 2020.

Sir. Depp and Ms. Heard met when Ms. Heard was cast as Mr. Depp’s love interest in the movie “The Rum Diary” from 2011. They got married in 2015 and divorced in 2017.

Depp testified Monday that in a published interview with a Disney boss, dated two days after Mrs. Heard’s opinion piece came out, he learned he would not return to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise for a potential sixth. movie. Mr. Depp testified that he said he had wanted the characters in the films – including his character, Captain Jack Sparrow – to have a “real goodbye”.

Mr. Depp appeared to be referring to a 2018 Hollywood Reporter interview with Sean Bailey, a Disney boss, in which the reporter asked, “Can pirates survive without Johnny Depp?” Mr. Bailey responded that he wanted to bring “a new energy and vitality” in to a possible “Pirates” reboot.

“Suddenly I was guilty until it was proven that I was innocent,” said Mr. Depp.

During the cross-examination of Mr. Depp on Monday claimed Mrs. Heard’s lawyers said the actor’s reputation had been in decline for some time before the 2018 article, citing a 2017 Hollywood Reporter article calling him a “star in crisis” and another describing the “declining Johnny Depp’s return. “

“It’s a stack of hit pieces generated by Ms. Heard’s advertising team,” Mr. Depp.

Mr. Depp has testified that he never beat Mrs Heard – not even a woman – and that she was the aggressor in the relationship, insulting him by using derogatory language that escalated into physical violence. Ms. Heard has denied beating Mr. Depp except in self-defense or in defense of his sister.

There is little doubt that the mood between the two was at times burning.

Mr. During cross-examination, Depp was confronted with text messages to others, in which he referred to Mrs. Heard, who used vulgar insults; in response to a particularly graphic and violent text message about Ms. Heard said Mr. Depp Monday: “It’s disrespectful and abstract humor.”

In his testimony, Mr. King that he had worked on a dwelling belonging to Mr. Depp in London and also in the house in Australia, where Mr. Depp stayed while working on one of the “Pirates” movies.

He testified that he had seen and heard many quarrels between Mr. Depp and Mrs. Heard. They tended to follow a pattern, Mr. King, where Mr. Depp wanted to leave a room and Ms. Heard would follow. Mr. King said a dispute in London began when Mrs Heard asked Mr Depp, why he had taken his hand from her, adding that he thought she had sounded like a “spoiled teenage child.”

Mr. King testified that he was called to the house after Mr. Depp’s finger had been cut off, and he remembered Mrs. Heard sobbing as he entered. The premises were in disarray, he said. A piece had been broken out of a marble staircase. Blood had stained the carpet and ironed several walls.

In a lower level of the home, Mr. King, there was a smell of alcohol and cans strewn near a bar. He began looking in that area, saying he soon found the fingertip “embedded” in a blood-striped piece of paper. Mr. King then placed it in a plastic bag so it could be driven to a hospital, he added.

Mr. Depp’s finger was later surgically repaired.

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