Jimmy Garoppolo would love a Deebo Samuel trade package

Jimmy Garoppolo would love to team up with Deebo Samuel in another city.

The 49ers quarterback – who the team has been seeking to swap since the end of last season – was asked about speculation that San Francisco could pack him into a wide receiver trade.

“I would do it with a heartbeat, man,” Garoppolo said last Thursday on the “Stacking The Box” podcast – a day after Samuel asked the 49ers for a barter.

“I think those things will do themselves,” Garoppolo said, laughing. “But I did not even think about it. It’s not bad.”

The quarterback did not discuss his playing future further.

Jimmy Garoppolo (left) and Deebo Samuel celebrate during Super Bowl LIFE.
Jimmy Garoppolo (left) and Deebo Samuel celebrate during Super Bowl LIFE.
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After the San Francisco loss to the Rams in the NFC Championship Game in late January, Garoppolo said he and 49ers general manager John Lynch had talked “about finding the right destination” for the quarterback. Dealing with Garoppolo would free up $ 25.5 million in cap space and allow room for 49ers second-year quarterback Trey Lance to take over.

But the 49ers remained stagnant while a lot of quarterback moves were made. In February, ESPN reported “it’s not a lock” that the 49ers will trade Garoppolo, whose $ 137.5 million contract expires at the end of 2022. Lynch added at the time that the 49ers have budgeted with the possibility of Garoppolo remaining on the list next season.

The 30-year-old underwent surgery on March 8 to repair the capsule in his throwing shoulder. Garoppolo is reportedly expected to be back with full force throwing in late June or early July, with the exception of setbacks in his recovery. However, his recovery status could be a red flag for teams.

Jimmy Garoppolo (left) and Deebo Samuel after 49ers' loss to the Rams in the NFC Championship Game.
Jimmy Garoppolo (left) and Deebo Samuel after 49ers’ loss to the Rams in the NFC Championship Game.
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Samuel continues to share and delete cryptic messages on social media after it was reported that he was not happy with his use of the offense.

“Reporters job is to make stories, only people know the truth about the situation are 49ers, [agent Tory Dandy]and Deebo Samuel, โ€he wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Samuel was apparently out holding a club over the weekend and seemed to signal that he has no desire to stay in San Francisco. A video on social media shows Samuel appearing to say “No” while slashing his hand across his neck as he sees bottle girls in a club holding up signs that read, “Deebo will be # 49ers.”

Packing Garoppolo could make it easier to swap Samuel and relieve the quarterback in the middle of a crazy QB carousel.

A Garoppolo-Samuel pair could work in Seattle or Carolina as both teams are looking for a new quarterback.

The Panthers were reportedly also interested in Brown’s quarterback Baker Mayfield, who requested a swap from Cleveland when they made a play and got former Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Houston could also be looking for a new quarterback.

The Panthers have the overall number 6 in the 2022 NFL Draft Thursday, and reportedly will not make other movements until after the first round.

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