Jerry West is willing to take ‘Winning Time’ to the Supreme Court

Jerry West could not help himself.

The NBA legend recently spoke to former Times sports editor Bill Dwyre about “The Dream Whisperer,” a documentary about West Lakers teammate Dick Barnett’s incredible journey.

But West also took the opportunity to make his first public comment on his beef with HBO’s “Winning Time.”

West, 83, told Dwyre he will be present for the premiere of “The Dream Whisperer” on Saturday at 19 at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival in a theater complex at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.

According to Dwyre, West added that it would be nice to see something precise and positive.

It’s, of course, a reference to “Winning Time,” which dramatizes and sometimes fictionalizes elements from the Lakers’ Showtime era.

Last week, West expressed his dissatisfaction with the way he is portrayed in the series, through a letter to HBO from his lawyer, Louis R. Miller.

“You replaced the real Jerry West – a complete professional – with his opposite and then portrayed this lie to the public as genuine,” the letter read. “You thereby violated the law.”

The letter also said: “To mitigate the damage you have caused, we request that a withdrawal of Winning Time’s false portrayal of Jerry West be issued within two weeks of the date of this letter. You also owe Mr. West an apology for your hurtful misrepresentation of his work and legacy, plus compensation for the damage you have inflicted on his well-deserved and excellent reputation. “

Although the letter seemed to suggest that some legal action could be taken if these requirements were not met, West apparently confirmed that it was his intention during his discussion with Dwyre.

“The series created us all [the Lakers] look like cartoon characters, ”West told Dwyre. “They belittled something good. If I have to, I’ll take this all the way to the Supreme Court.”

HBO has indicated that they do not intend to honor West’s claims.

“‘Winning Time’ is not a documentary and has not been presented as such,” HBO said Tuesday in a statement. “But the series and its depictions are based on extensive factual research and reliable sources, and HBO stands resolutely behind our talented creators and cast, who have brought a dramatization of this epic chapter in basketball history to the screen.”

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