Jericho was DC’s nicest hero … and deadliest villain

Deathstroke has never had a good relationship with any of his children. His current one with Respawn has just begun and is hardly working at its best.

Deathstroke’s lives tend to attract danger with each turn. Unfortunately, danger and children rarely mix. In the case of Deathstroke’s children, this has proven to be particularly true. Ravager is a prime example who has been traumatized by his father and turned into a killer. Yet Ravager’s ups and downs can not be compared to what happened to Jericho, Deathstroke’s youngest son from his first marriage.

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Originally, he started out as the friendliest of his children, the best of them, and Jericho was slowly corrupted by the events of his life and became an assassin who was just as deadly, perhaps even more so. The trauma of his life transformed him from a gentle soul into a monster. His story suggests that no matter how well Slade’s children begin, their downfall is inevitable.

When he first debuted in Tales of the Teen Titans # 43 (by Marv Wolfman. George Perez), readers saw that Jericho, whose real name is Joseph Wilson, seemed destined for success from a young age. Born with a talent for music, it seemed that his talent would bring him far into life and far away from his father’s twisted legacy. Unfortunately, that path was interrupted when someone hired to kill Slade chose to kidnap Joseph instead. In the resulting rescue, his neck was cut across, making him dumb. This was the drop for his mother, who divorced Deathstroke and went with her children.

Years later, Jericho would develop his own superpower. By establishing eye contact, he could essentially possess another living person. As a result of this ability, Jericho became a Teen Titan who served as one of their gentlest members. But things changed as Raven’s family history crossed paths with the Titans. The spirits of Azarath tried to possess the Raven, but she was too powerful for them. Jericho, on the other hand, was uniquely vulnerable because of his abilities.

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The many spirits that penetrated his soul suppressed his own and eventually merged with him and corrupted him. No longer the kind person he once was, Jericho became one of the Titans’ most recurring enemies. He avoided death by jumping into various bodies when the present one he inhabited expired.

Jericho would flip-flop from hero to villain over the years, but his story is perhaps the best example of Deathstroke’s children’s challenges. It is, of course, in no way their fault that he is their father. Yet blood ties and closeness to him, time and time again, led to poor results for them. When Deathstroke sinks, so do they. Over time, their connection caused damage and worn them down until they became something as monstrous as him.

Maybe they’s damn it. This is how it can certainly work from the outside. Grant is dead, Jericho is dead several times and has lost and regained his sanity every time, Rose was deliberately hurt by her father, and the latest addition to their family, Respawn, was tortured from the birth of Ra’s al Ghul. It does not matter where they started. They are drawn into the madness and suffer as a consequence.


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