IVE’s Liz believes she sings much better when she cries her heart out, here’s the heartfelt reason

She shared her honest thoughts.

IVE‘s Liz boasts a magical voice that makes listening to her feel like a sweet dream. This was never more evident than when she was visiting KBS Kpop‘s “Lee Mujin Service”, where she sang several songs live and mesmerized viewers with her beautiful vocals.

IVE’s Liz

In between songs, Lee Mujin asked the “ELEVEN” singer several questions about herself and brought up the group’s extra scene after they won a music show for the first time.

He distinctly remembered her sobbing loudly when she sang their winning song, but amazingly, she was still able to hold a note with ease! Acknowledging how difficult it is to do, he asked if she could share some tips.

I came across a video before. The first time you won first place, you did an anchor performance. You cried like crazy but still managed to sing live the whole time. That’s the basic skill the fans want. Is there a secret tip?

– Lee Mujin

Liz took a deep breath and revealed that crying surprisingly has the effect of making her sing better. It relieves her of the pressure to perform perfectly because she knows she can’t possibly sing her best when she’s sobbing.

Crying actually makes me feel relaxed. Like, ‘I won’t be able to do my best because I’m crying.’ [It] takes some pressure off my back.

— Liz

Hearing this, Lee Mujin agreed that it is one way to help a singer feel more comfortable when performing live. He may not think it’s the best method, but he understands her. Finally, he would reassure her that it’s okay to make mistakes.

  • Lee Mujin: Are you setting the tone? Okay, that’s right! It is true! It’s easier to sing that way.
  • Lisa: Yeah, so I just sang away and cried. Super chill,”Imma just sing.”
  • Lee Mujin: Your tears as insurance? It’s cool to mess around, but honestly, it feels like, “It’s okay to make mistakes given my situation.” I can’t say it’s the right way, but it sure helps.

In the meantime, hear Liz’s beautiful voice for yourself in the entire episode below.

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