It’s okay if your motherhood journey does not look like you had imagined

For Brewster, being unable to carry his sons entailed a wide variety of uncertainties. “I did not know others who needed pregnancy surrogacy,” she said, “and then I later found out that there were people around me who did it, but who just did not talk about it.”

So when she was chatting with other moms in Texas, where she was filming TNT’s Dallas re-recording, and then in her LA mother group, she felt like a “weirdo,” sure everyone else judged her between talking about sleep training and tummy tuck.

“Because everyone would be like,” she remembered, putting in an affected, loud voice, “” Oh my god! You lost your baby weight so fast!’ And I thought, ‘Oh, I did not, I was not able to bear.’ Then I had to over-explain. I’m not one of those women who says, ‘I do not have to explain to anyone, because it’s nobody’s business.’ “

Eventually, she forced herself to shift out of the apologetic mindset. “I realized, you know what, the only thing that matters is that I have these boys,” she explained. “I’m so lucky they’re my babies and I’m doing my absolute best. And that’s all that matters.”

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