IT companies are jumping on the Metaverse bandwagon to learn more about it

Several Indian information technology companies are dealing with the fascinating world of metaverse. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced that they are investigating the metaverse while Infosys built a metaverse foundry. Tech Mahindra takes advantage of metaverse options through several use cases such as DealerVerse, a metaverse-based car dealer, Meta Bank, a virtual bank and a gaming center.

Mindtree’s solution will allow customers to accelerate and optimize their transition to the meta-economy, making it one of the company’s main focus areas. There will be additional use cases for industry groupings on the meta verse as a result of this.

Infosys Metaverse Foundry will help companies quickly explore Metaverse,

comprehensive virtual and expanded environments for their customers, workplace, products and operations. The IT company has developed a set of resources that can help its customers.

Salil Parekh, CEO of Infosys, stated that they are already in active negotiations with several customers to see how they can use it.

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