Is MultiVersus coming to Nintendo Switch?

MultiVersus is already a huge hit, breaking more than 60,000 active players on PC alone during the early access period of its open beta. This number will only continue to grow as it enters a full open beta mode, welcoming players across a majority of modern gaming platforms, though it currently excludes the Nintendo Switch.

At launch, MultiVersus is a free-to-play platform fighter that features a growing roster of popular characters from multiple IPs. Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games will be releasing new content and updates frequently, but news of a Switch port is still scarce.

As a free-to-play title, MultiVersus is already pulling in the big numbers on PlayStation, Xbox and PC via Steam and, with the open beta launch, the Epic Games Store. But Nintendo’s massively popular system has been absent from marketing and updates since the game was first revealed.

Is MultiVersus coming to Nintendo Switch?

No official statement has been shared about the potential for MultiVersus coming to Switch after launch, but we have some pre-existing comments from PFG co-founder and development lead Tony Huynh, who mentioned back in December that Switch was left out due to the team needing to focus resources on specific areas.

The team that works on MultiVersus is self-titled as being on the smaller side, meaning they had limited time and resources to work with while making the game. Adding another platform to the pipeline for MultiVersus would have drawn efforts away from other core areas and may have negatively affected development as a whole. So instead the team chose to focus on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Huynh noted back inMay that the team could eventually look into a Switch port once development on the current versions of MultiVersus falls into place. This likely means plans are in the works, but not actionable until the game launches out of open beta, and the team doesn’t have to actively work on so many different elements at once.

For now, Nintendo Switch players are out of luck, but maybe they can get in on the action at some point in the future. Until then, hang in there Smash Bros.

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