Interactive books that enrich the language supply for young children

Sharjah (union)

During its participation in the UAE Book Fair, Emirati Publishing reviewed a set of interactive teaching publications aimed at developing children’s cognitive and creative skills with books based on innovative ideas in presentation and design and content formulation in an attractive and simplified language. appropriate to the child’s level and reading skills.
In the interactive book “Animal Dolls House” written by Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, president of the International Publishers Association, and drawings by Marial Abi Shaker, published by Kalimat Publishing House, the child reviews the most important information about famous life. animals, as each book deals with an animal, the child is introduced to his name, his home, his voice, his children and other information that strengthens the young people’s bonds in their language, with an interest in design, as the covers were designed in a hollow circular shape and carried figures of an animal with a fabric design that accompanies the child on each page of the book.

  • “Sequential reading” group

The same house also presents in its publications the group “Sequential Reading”, which is a project consisting of 144 books divided into 3 steps. As for the second and third levels, they introduce the young reader to the most commonly used words in Arabic, and guarantee him the ability to read a useful sentence consisting of two or more words.

  • “Step by step for a generation that reads” (images from the source)

As for the group “Step by Step for a Reading Generation”, published by Al-Hodhud Publishing, it consists of three groups that accompany the child in the stages of its physical and cognitive development, where the first level is aimed at beginners under age . group of 8 years, or who have difficulty reading or those who are late in learning the Arabic language, and this level depends on the consolidation of words with a simple and non-combined phonemic structure, which are words if drawing corresponds to their pronunciation, and therefore they help children in the spelling process without being distracted by a lot of sounds.

  • From
    From the “Step by Step” group.

As for the second group, it is dependent on words with a simple and complex phonemic structure, as it includes words whose pronunciation contradicts their image, specifically in the use of Alef of Differentiation and Hamzat Al Wasl, while the third group is based on words with a complex linguistic structure, and words whose pronunciation contradicts their image, and also includes terms A scientific and social specialization that helps to enrich the child’s linguistic stock and strengthen his ability for verbal and written expression.

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