Including an Arab country .. Egypt offers the most beautiful 5 honeymoon destinations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Looking for a unique travel destination to spend your honeymoon with your partner? Egyptian travel influencer Rahma Arafa posted a video clip on her YouTube channel reflecting the 5 best destinations to visit for your romantic getaway.

Arafa has always dreamed of traveling around the world and exploring different cultures, especially since she has never wanted to live in one place.

At first, Arafa’s parents did not approve of her traveling alone until she was finally able to convince them. Therefore, the Egyptian travel influencer decided to share his story with others and encourage them to do what they wanted.

The most prominent question that Arafa faces is: What are the appropriate places to spend a honeymoon with the cost that a tourist can incur there.

In return, she decided to share her opinion based on her experience, choosing the top 5 destinations out of the 20 countries she has visited so far.

The Egyptian travel influencer ranked these destinations based on her experience and visits to each of them (Watch the video above).

5. Lebanon

It is distinguished by its different nature and various activities, where you can visit its beaches in summer and ski on its mountains in winter.

In a speech to CNN in Arabic, Arafa said: “I love his spirit, his people, his food, his parties and indeed everything … I feel like I belong there,” explaining: “You can spend a week in the country for about $ 450 for two people … But the amount can go up or down depending on what you have to do there. “

4. Zanzibar

This island belongs to Tanzania. And if you want an adventure that combines the African and Arab spirit, you will definitely enjoy the island of Zanzibar with its activities, beaches and romantic restaurants.

You can easily rent a private car to get around the whole island. Arafa explained that it could cost around a thousand dollars to spend an entire week on the island.

Sri Lanka

Arafa describes this country as very “wonderful” and says: “There is no place to see without seeing green mountains, plants, gardens and more.”

A week in Sri Lanka can cost around $ 300.

2. Bali

“This Indonesian island is never exaggerated, everything you hear about it is true,” Arafa said, adding that despite the beauty and tranquility of this island, it is often filled with tourists.

Arafa explained that there are many photographers and experts who can ask for their help to go to the sites famous for their photos via “Instagram”.

A week in Bali can cost around $ 400.

1. Maldives

If you are not looking for activities or adventures, the Maldives has a unique relaxing atmosphere.

Arafa noted that there are many newlyweds in the Maldives because of its romantic atmosphere, especially since most people visit it during their honeymoon.

The price for an entire week in the Maldives can range from $ 300 to $ 3,000, depending on the hotel you are staying at.

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