In the video – a Saudi “peace activist” sings in Hebrew!

The “Israel in Arabic” account on Twitter, affiliated with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, posted a video clip of a young Saudi man named Muhammad Saud, who describes himself as a “peace activist” singing in Hebrew.

And the account “Israel in Arabic” posted a comment on the video clip, saying: “Songs are the best way to learn about each other’s culture, and we are happy to see more interest in the Hebrew language in the neighborhood. Arabic and Hebrew are twins, and learning one of them is much easier than learning a foreign language! How sweet life is when Start singing.”

Muhammad Saud identifies himself on his Twitter account as a “peace activist” and his account photo is a picture of him shaking hands with former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His name became famous after his visit to the Israeli entity in 2019 and his continued calls for the normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

This came amid the recent controversy sparked by Israeli “Channel 13” reporter Jill Tamaris’ entry into Mecca, while Saudi Public Security announced “the referral of a citizen to the Public Prosecutor’s Office who is complicit with a non-Muslim journalist and has American citizenship to the holy capital by following the path of Muslims, in violation of explicit rules that forbid entry to Mecca for non-Muslims.

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