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In-situ partnerships with EMnify to enable external environmental monitoring

Hassle-free mobile IoT solution opens the door to cost-effective water monitoring.

In-Situ1announced today that they have partnered with EMnify2 to make its products smarter, longer lasting and easier to implement.

EMnify’s cellular IoT technologies is the core of In-Site gameplay VuLink solution – a custom-made, robust one mobile telemetry device that works out of the box at pretty much every customer site. It’s a huge step forward environmental monitoring industry: at present, at least 90% of data collection devices lack any internet connection, which requires cumbersome on-site visits for data to be collected manually.

Using EMnify’s LTE-M and NB-IoT cellular connectivity and global IoT SIM, In-Situ has been able to quickly roll out VuLink in 50 countries across 5 continents by combining robust mobile connectivity with seamless implementation to reduce the cost of data dramatic. collection and enables real-time data monitoring over much greater distances. EMnify’s LTE-M capabilities also deliver up to a sixfold increase in battery life compared to older 2G technologies, with devices that can operate for years on a single compact D-cell battery, dramatically reducing the need for expensive maintenance.

“When we switched to supporting LTE-M and NB-IoT with VuLink, EMnify was very committed and had clear plans that fit our launch timeline. Honestly, other providers we spoke to did not. said Matt Trumbo, director of product development at In-Situ. “Thanks to EMnify’s robust LTE-M service, our product rollout has been wildly successful.”

With EMnify’s API-enabled onboarding, In-Site customers can implement remote monitoring of water by simply scanning a QR code and turning on their device – a groundbreaking innovation in a sector that has historically been held back by the complexity of SIM and connection setup procedures. “Our customers do not want to deal with SIM or connection setup of any kind. And our partnership with EMnify made this experience possible,” Trumbo explained.

In-Situ also saved hundreds of employee hours by using EMnify’s API and Data Streamer technologies to extract usage information from devices and integrate data into its billing partner’s system. “Honestly, we would never have scaled our business the way we are without these automations,” said Trumbo.

“At EMnify, we are committed to enabling the next generation of IoT devices by creating cellular connectivity technologies that just work, with frictionless implementation, low energy consumption and low connectivity costs per device,” said Christian Rodatus, EMnify COO.

“We are excited to enable In-Situ as they bring industry-leading IoT monitoring solutions into some of the world’s most challenging and remote environments.”

1 In-Situ is a Colorado-based provider of powerful remote monitoring tools and data collection solutions

2 EMnify is the leading cloud building block for mobile communications in the IoT stack

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