I’m plus size and tried Skim’s shapewear and a $22 Amazon dupe – here’s how they compared

A PLUS-SIZE influencer compared Skim’s shapewear to a $22 Amazon dupe and was surprised by the results.

TikToker Cinphotos, who said she’s a size 16, filmed a fashion collection for Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand to see how the pieces work on a plus-size body.

I’m plus size and tried Skim’s shapewear and a  Amazon dupe – here’s how they compared

A plus size TikToker was taken aback after comparing Skims to an Amazon dupe[/caption]


Overall, she said the Skims products looked pretty good, but she had some criticisms[/caption]


However, she decided that a $22 bodysuit from Amazon was just as good at a fraction of the price[/caption]

“I’m going to compare two different Skims shapewear and an Amazon dupe,” the creator said in a video with over 50,000 likes.

She decided to test the shapewear in a few different outfits, including jeans and a shirt as well as a long black dress.

“I personally hate seeing my navel and panty lines through outfits, so I’m interested to see how they all compare,” she said.

The first Skims item she tried on was the $42 Solution Short #2, which has a leg cut out for high-slit dresses.

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I’m a medium size and tried Kim Kardashian’s Skims – the bottom made me bulge and was NSFW


I’m a medium size and tried Kim Kardashian’s Skims – I was sweating just putting it on

“I wish the waistband was wider or had an extra layer because they kept falling down,” said the big lady.

“I do see a noticeable difference on the stomach, but because the band was so tight, it just made the crease go up higher than I would normally have liked.”

Next, she tried on Skim’s $68 mid-thigh bodysuit, which she “had to fight for her life to put on.”

“This was so much more comfortable to wear, but I really wish they had a one leg version with the strap so I could wear it under dresses,” the TikToker said.

The only comment she had when wearing the bodysuit with jeans was that she wished for a little more back coverage.

Finally, she compared the infamous shapewear brand to an Amazon dupe of the Brabic brand that retails for just $22.99.

“While it doesn’t feel quite as suffocating, it almost looks like it produces the exact same results,” she said.

Tons of commenters seemed to agree that the dupe did a great job and thanked Cinphotos for doing the comparison.

The dupe looks so much better!” someone said.

The original poster responded: “It also feels a little better, it doesn’t feel like it’s so thin or that you’re going to tear it easily.”

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“The dupe looks soooo good,” another person commented.

This comes as one medium size fashion expert was surprised by how well all but one of the Skims pieces fit her.

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