I’m a do-it-yourself sucker and my rent-friendly hack completely transformed my kitchen … it’s cheap and easy

WANTING to renovate your home can be limiting when you are a tenant.

There is only so much you can do to make your home look smart and stylish.

The kitchen was ok before, not Rachel's style at all


The kitchen was ok before, not Rachel’s style at allCredit: rachelkathleenhome
The simple change added a much-needed brightness to the room


The simple change added a much-needed brightness to the roomCredit: rachelkathleenhome

But this do-it-yourselfer decided to transform his kitchen without making permanent and expensive changes.

Rachel Kathleen from Salt Lake City, Utah, wanted to freshen up her kitchen but had limited options as a tenant.

She decided to switch things up by changing the kitchen countertop with this handy hack.

Instead of breaking money by buying new countertops, she used contact paper, which she put on top of the old counters.

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“Before was great, but didn’t really fit my style,” she explained.

“I warmed things up with removable Faux Butcher Block Contact Paper.

The old gray countertops were smart enough, but a little outdated and dull to Rachel’s liking.

She chose a more modern contact paper in wood style that made the room instantly look more elegant and expensive.

“After 9 months of hard use, I would still choose to do this again.

“There are so many other patterns and styles out there to choose from, including imitation marble!”

Other avid do-it-yourselfers also loved the simple hack.

One commented: “We did this after I saw your post about it a while back and I LOVE it so much.”

Another said, “God it looks heavenly !!!! You really increased the value of their kitchen.”

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However, not everyone was so convinced, one said: “Never had success with tabletop stickers. But yours look amazing!”

Another laughed: “When we bought our house, they had contact paper over the original disks. It was a pain to remove!”

Rachel was able to change the look of her kitchen effortlessly


Rachel was able to change the look of her kitchen effortlesslyCredit: rachelkathleenhome

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