Iconic TXT stages through different eras

TXT, widely recognized as the super rookie in the industry, continues to smash records and defies expectations with each release. Composed of SooBin, YeonJun, BeomGyu, TaeHyun and Huening Kai, the fifth group understandably has a significant following due to their amazing photos, humorous personalities and deadly discography.

Of course, one can not forget the epic scenes they have hosted since their debut in 2019. In addition to making a name for themselves as top sellers of the fourth generation of K-pop, TXT has also exhibited impressive performances that make them captivating to watch. With the release of their fourth EP “Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” coming in less than a month, many are excited about what can be expected of the BIGHIT MUSIC star.

This article shows some of their best stages through their past eras, while we all wait anxiously for what “Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” has to offer.

1. “The Dream Chapter: STAR” era – ‘CROWN’

Looking back on TXT’s career, it seems most appropriate to give credit to their debut scene for their first title track ‘CROWN’ ever. When you take outfits in red, black and white, it’s almost as if they’re a tall glass of Coca-Cola: Refreshing and bursting with excitement. Pairing complex craftsmanship with rhythmic choreography gives them the illusion of a well-oiled machine, making it hard to believe that these idols on stage are distinctive in the industry.

2. “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC” Era – ‘Run Away’

‘Run Away’ is a song with references to Harry Potter, which makes their clothes with wizard capsules even more endearing. They even manage to integrate the use of school books and magic wands into this special “M Countdown” phase! When it comes to TXT’s dance moves this time around, they’ve drawn a delicate balance between fluidity and precision. Each step is performed intentionally without ever losing smooth flow.

3. “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY” Era – ‘PUMA’

‘PUMA’ is a complete 180 from the cheerful boys that fans were used to seeing. Slim and sensual, the track has TXT dressed in black from head to toe as they take the extra step of integrating some stuns into their action. Their choreography matches the electronic dance sentimentality of ‘PUMA’ by making each step hypnotic. Overall, it’s a welcome surprise that shows the band’s duality!

4. “Minisode 1: Blue Hour” Era – ‘Blue Hour’

TXT’s ‘Blue Hour’ phase is comparable to the cotton theme it takes on. The light and sweet performance offers movements that are dizzyingly agile, while they can also be copied for anyone who might want to try them at home. Footwork will be one of the main focuses this time. In addition, the group’s outfits with pastel theme and cowboy gimmick really highlight how they are filled with youthful charm.

5. “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” Era – ‘Magic’

‘Magic’ served as TXT’s first English single and took over the radio waves with its catchy tune. This SBS “Inkigayo” scene underscores the song’s high-energy appeal – with the bonus of small lovable moments from the members as this was their last promotion for “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze”! True to the theme of the song’s music video, TXT wears galaxy-themed outfits while performing the dynamic and lively choreography.

6. “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT or ESCAPE” era – ‘LO $ ER = LO ♡ ER’

‘LO $ ER = LO ♡ ER’ is remarkable for two main reasons: It cemented TXT’s ability to rock music, and it contained moments where the boys defied ordinary clothing conventions! They can be seen wearing tickled skirts in this Show Champion show, proving that clothes are for everyone. The L-to-forehead step of the chorus is the sweet, malicious cherries on top of their insane and passionate dance composition.

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