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I’m egamega is a 2007 American post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film about a lone man handling zombie-like cannibals. The film is a low-budget mockbuster version of the large CGI-heavy Will ‘slappy’ Smith vehicle I Am Legend.

Directed by Actor-Filmmaker Griff Furst (Nightmare shark; Trailer Park Shark; Cold moon; Wolfsbayne, Lake Placid 3, Sumphaj, Arachnoquake, Ghost shark) from a manuscript written by Geoff Meed (Asteroid-a-Geddon; Atlantic Rim: Resurrection; Bermuda tentacles; Hold your breath; Amityville Haunting), loosely based on Richard Matheson’s novel from 1954 I Am Legend.

Asylum production stars Mark Dacascos, the aforementioned Geoff Meed; Jennifer Lee Wiggins and Ryan Lloyd.


Full synopsis:
The post-apocalyptic Los Angeles is being rammed by zombie-like cannibals people who have some form of genetic infection. The local man Renchard (Mark Dacascos) is forced to live a daily struggle as he tries to locate radio signals and find a cure …

The actors Dacascos and Meed show some knowledge about martial arts, as their interactions are often violent and full of spin-kicks, high kicks, etc. The central character Renchard is written as from an 80s action film, where action stars talk a little and they smile even less . The battles between the uninfected (Renchard, Vincent, Mike and Brianna) and the infected are well choreographed … “6.75 / 10 28 days later analysis

“Unfortunately, the zombies are actually not scary after the first scenes, and the film develops into quarrels among the last people and plot intricacies that lead nowhere or develop the characters. In the end, it just grinds to mediocrity and then boredom. ” Down among the “Z” movies

“Although Dacoscos’ claim to fame is more for his speed, agility and martial arts skills than his acting skills, he is not a bad actor at all, and I’m Omega in my opinion it was best when it was only Dacoscos alone who dealt with his myriad of problems and zombies. There were a few scenes in this movie that actually made me jump, which is actually a pretty rare feat. It was scary to the point … ”Film Critics United

I’m Omega is significantly worse than any of the three films based on the book I Am Legend. Of course. But based on Asylum’s previous work, I honestly expected something much worse. Usually, they do something incredibly awful, like quit Skatteø with a giant CGI spider, but this movie was just a little boring and terribly-free. “Movies in boxes

Omega star Mark Dacascos is no Will Smith – and thank goodness for that, because this last man on earth is allowed to do what America’s favorite Man in Black did not do: train with martial arts and practice martial arts, not to mention hitting the steering wheel on his crazy car like a drum kit while listening to generic stock rock on cassette. “Svirp attacks

“The plot in this movie is silly and simple. They barely explain any of the big events because they expect you to have seen it I Am Legend. Even though they explained it, it’s pretty stupid. I probably should not expect more than that … so I do not. The action is OK, but for the most part only people are shooting zombies. “Mondo Bizarro

“Unfortunately, Mark Dacasco is not the most expressive actor in the world and does not manage to give much conviction to the scenes where he goes crazy. The film certainly comes to life a whole lot more when the redneck soldiers (the lead role is played by screenwriter Geoff Meed) enter the scene. Both Meed and Ryan Lloyd give decent performances here and bring the characters to life. “Moria

“I do not think anyone will ever confuse Mark Dacascos with Vincent Price, Charlton Heston or even Will Smith, but he is very effective here. We already know he can manage himself in the action scenes (like when he knocks out his nunchucks on some mutants) so it was no surprise.The real revelation is how he handles himself in the thespian department.He is quite impressive … ”2.5 / 5 The Video Vacuum


Cast and characters:
Mark Dacascos… Renchard
Geoff Meed… Vincent
Jennifer Lee Wiggins… Brianna
Ryan Lloyd… Mike
Joshua Schlegel… Son of Renchard
Gregory Paul Smith… Various zombies
Matthew Bolton Zombie Tunnel Zombie
Myles McLane… Mutant Zombie
Frank Forbes… Cop Zombie
Afton Forbes… Girl Zombie
Hayden Forbes… Little Boy Zombie
Charles Peeke Jr. … Big zombie
Wil Braithwaite… Various zombies
Marlon Nash… Various zombies
Bob Landau… Various zombies
Drew Kaufman… Various zombies
Daniel Ponsky… Radio announcer (voice)

Recording locations:
Los Angeles, Oxnard and Santa Clarita, California
Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park – 10700 W. Escondido Canyon Rd., Agua Dulce, California.

Technical details:
1 hour 31 minutes
Picture format: 1.85: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital

Movie facts:
The car that Renchard (Mark Dacascos) drives at the beginning of the film, as well as the convertible that he and Brianna take from the parking garage, is the Oldsmobile Omegas from 1975, clearly a reference to the film’s title.

Free to watch online:


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