I agreed to be a surrogate after seeing a stranger’s Facebook post – the birth was traumatic but I’m glad I did

A WOMAN agreed to be a surrogate mother after she saw a stranger’s post on Facebook.

Chloe Thomas, 31, agreed to carry a baby for Laura Curtis, 29, after she found out Laura had been born without a uterus and could therefore never carry her own child.

Laura Curtis, right, met surrogate Chloe Thomas through a Facebook post


Laura Curtis, right, met surrogate Chloe Thomas through a Facebook postCredit: SWNS
Laura Curtis with Wren at her birth


Laura Curtis with Wren at her birthCredit: SWNS
Chloe had difficulty giving birth to Wren and had to undergo an emergency C-section


Chloe had difficulty giving birth to Wren and had to undergo an emergency C-sectionCredit: SWNS

Laura, along with her fiance Lewis Batterham, 31, posted a message on Facebook hoping to find “a new friend and a beautiful person to help us”.

Already a mother of two, Chloe was considering becoming a surrogate and was happy to offer her services.

Now Laura and Lewis are proud parents to four-month-old girl Wren after she was born by emergency caesarean section on May 15 weighing 8lb 4oz.

Laura sees Chloe as one of the family.

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She told the Mirror: “Meeting Wren was the best moment of my life as I just never thought it would happen.

“I will never forget her little cry and her little red face.

“It was bittersweet because Chloe was sick, but I leaned over and told her Wren was beautiful.

“I never thought becoming a mother would be possible. Chloe is my Superwoman.”

Laura had been diagnosed with the congenital condition Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) when she was just 16.

She said she was “devastated” at the thought of not being a mother, a feeling that only grew after she met Lewis.

Laura, a nurse, said it was “such a hard thing” to deal with at such a young age, adding that going to friends’ baby showers was difficult.

She said: “Friends would always say to me, ‘It must be nice not to have periods’. But I would take them every day if it meant I could carry a baby.”

Then in July 2016 she fell in love with Lewis, who works as a porter at Grange University Hospital, Cwmbran, South Wales – the hospital where Wren would be born,

Both wanted children and Laura said Lewis was great about the situation and they would handle it together.

The couple then got engaged in December 2018 and their thoughts turned to considering finding a surrogate.

Laura discovered that her ovaries were working so there was a chance she could have a baby that was biologically hers because her eggs could be extracted.


The couple began looking on Facebook groups for information on finding surrogates and were referred to an IVF clinic where they were put on a waiting list.

Then in late 2020, Lewis suggested that Laura put a post on Facebook about their situation.

Her post in November of that year said: “I was born without a womb so I can’t carry a baby myself. We are looking for the perfect oven, new friend and beautiful human to help us on our way to the most precious gift ever . This is not an ad, it’s just a learning curve and to make people think before they say in conversation or questions about having kids.”

The post ended up getting 660 “likes” along with a lot of caring comments.

She also got a message from someone named Chloe, who lived nearby, after a mutual friend forwarded the post to her, knowing she wanted to be a surrogate.

In the message, Chloe said she had previously donated eggs but had no idea how to become a surrogate but was interested in helping the couple.


They met for a cup of coffee and hit it off immediately.

Doctors implanted embryos – with Laura’s egg fertilized by Lewis’ sperm – into Chloe in September 2021.

The trio found out she was pregnant just two weeks later, which Laura said was one of the best days of her life.

Laura said: “We couldn’t believe it when it was positive – it didn’t feel right. I’d never even taken a pregnancy test before.

“I screamed and Lewis and I just hugged and cried.

“It’s everything we ever wanted and we just didn’t think it would work the first time.”

Laura’s treatment was covered by the NHS and Chloe was not paid to be their surrogate, which would have been illegal in the UK.

However, the couple covered all expenses.

When Chloe and Laura went for their 16 week scan they discovered they were expecting a girl.

While she lives in Pontypool, Chloe is only 10 miles away in Cwmbran.

In the early hours of May 14, Chloe started having labor and Laura rushed her to the hospital.


However, problems arose when both Wren and Chloe’s heart rates increased and doctors decided to perform an emergency C-section.

Laura said: “Chloe assured me she wanted me in there with her and I held her hand when Wren was born.

“It was a magical moment and it felt like it was just the three of us in the room. I just kept saying, ‘Is she mine?’

“But when the nurse gave Wren to me to hold, something started to go wrong with Chloe and she lost a lot of blood. It was really scary.”

Chloe lost 30 percent of her blood due to a hemorrhage.

Wren also had to remain in hospital for eight days after she developed an infection.

Laura said: “I blamed myself for Chloe being unwell carrying my baby – and she felt guilty about Wren having an infection. Thankfully they’re both fine now.”

The two women still meet once a week with Lewis and text each other every day, and Laura considers Chloe her best friend

Laura said: “We call her ‘Aunt Chloe’ and we meet all the time.

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“She will always be a part of Wren’s life. It’s so lush to see Chloe with Wren.

“Wren is my everything and she’s the perfect mix of Lewis and I.”

The two women are now firm friends and meet every week, seen here with Laura's partner Lewis


The two women are now firm friends and meet every week, seen here with Laura’s partner LewisCredit: SWNS

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