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Husbands who burden themselves with an excessive dowry

The legal adviser, Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif, warned young people against writing large sums of money as a dowry delay, in marriage contracts, which poses a financial burden that weighs on them later, and they can not meet it in case of divorce, noting that some do this by love and loyalty, and excluding divorce can happen one day.

Courts regularly witness disagreements between divorcees about economic rights, including expenses and the delay in dowry, etc. The Personal Status Act has set a maximum limit for the delay in dowry, for spouses’ marriage contracts and, in return, surviving couples residing in the home. free to rely on the laws of their countries for conditions.

Al-Sharif presented, during episodes of “Emirates Today” on social networking sites, to shed light on the new articles in Personal Status Law, the problem of a reader who married after a love story while studying, with an Irish Christian girl, who is Muslim, and the marriage contract was entered into in the church, and the marriage contract was concluded.His endorsement in an Islamic center, and he recently wrote to himself an amount of 200,000 pounds sterling, and had a son with her.

The reader said he came with his wife to the Emirates and disagreements arose between them which ended in divorce and she took the boy, traveled to Ireland and then brought an action against her in Ireland to fetch the son to his country. , who expresses his fears after winning the case. There are those who come to the Emirates and carry out their threat against him. By claiming the delay of her dowry, custody, expenses and housing that he can not afford.

The reader asked: Will the courts actually rule on her requests, especially the dowry, and will the courts approve a contract issued and concluded by a church in a foreign country while I am a Muslim? Is this not considered a violation of public order?

Sharif replied to him that the foreign woman takes back the full amount of her dowry if it is agreed and if both parties are Muslims, but in such a case his marriage contract was concluded in a church, so article (12/2) of the law whether civil transactions apply to him, indicating that paragraph 3 of Article 1 of the Personal Status Act referred to it as saying that “the objective conditions of validity of the marriage are due to the law of each of the spouses at the time of the marriage. . ”

Formally, a marriage between two foreigners or between a foreigner and a national is considered valid if it has been entered into in accordance with the conditions in the country where it took place, or if the conditions laid down in the law of each of the spouses are taken into account. consideration.

This means that if the reader’s wife files a lawsuit against him, she will win her in the part relating to the back of the dowry.

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