How much does it cost to run a refrigerator with a freezer?

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Refrigerators are one of the most expensive appliances to run. (Image: Getty)

In the middle of cost-of-living crisis, we all think of ways we can save energy – and money – at home.

And although we can make sure to turn off the light when we are not using it, or remember to turn off the TV standby when not in use, what do we do with appliances that are always on?

Unlike other appliances, such as kettles or toasters, we can not limit how much we use our refrigerator, freezers – they have to run 24/7 to keep our food cool or frozen.

It is not surprising that of all the appliances in our kitchens is a refrigerator, one of the most expensive appliances freezes to run.

But is there anything we can do to make our refrigerators with freezers run more efficiently?

How much does it cost to run a refrigerator with a freezer?

An efficient (A ++) refrigerator with freezer uses 17.2 KWH per month, which costs households £ 4.82 a month at a standard variable tariff – over £ 57 a year – according to

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There are ways to ensure that your refrigerator runs more efficiently. (Image: Getty Images)

An A-rated refrigerator with freezer, on the other hand, consumes 34 KWH a month, which costs £ 9.52 a month at a standard variable rate.

Costs increase as energy efficiency decreases.

Energy Saving Expert, Claire Horne, previously told ‘A refrigerator freezer is one of the biggest culprits for consuming lots of energy, with 12% of the average household’s energy bill caused by its refrigerator / freezer.’

How to lower the cost of running your refrigerator freezer

There are some easy steps you can take to reduce the cost of running your refrigerator.

Claire Horne, from kitchen specialists Kesseler, said that it is important to make sure that you do not ‘overload’ it.

told Claire ‘The more products it contains, the harder it has to work to stay cool and function properly, so start by making sure you do not overload the refrigerator.’

She added that thawing your refrigerator regularly can help ensure that it runs more efficiently and therefore wastes less energy.

Claire said: “Even just a quarter of an inch can reduce the efficiency of a freezer by 10%. So make sure all built-up ice cream is removed.”

Another way to keep the cost of running your refrigerator with a freezer down is to prevent hot air from entering – you can do this by avoiding having the door open for too long, and by letting leftovers cool before you put them in the fridge.

You should also keep up with the maintenance of your refrigerator, such as making sure the door seals work and cleaning the condenser coils.

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