How are netizens reacting to the news of Bang Ye Dam and Mashiho leaving TREASURE?

The 8th of November YG Entertainment announced that Bang Ye Dam and Mashiho are leaving the group TREASURE. The entertainment company announced that the group will continue as a group of ten members after the departure of the two members.

While Mashiho is said to require an appropriate health recovery period, Bang Ye Dam has decided to leave to pursue his career path as a producer.

Both Mashiho and Bang Ye Dam have been on hiatus from their activities with TREASURE since May this year. Now, approximately six months later, the two have confirmed their departure from the group. TREASURE continues their activities and will hold their solo concert, ‘Hello in Seoul’, this month from November 12th to 13th.

Many K netizens were surprised to hear the news, but some responded that they expected Bang Ye Dam to leave the group. This is because Bang Ye Dam has gained attention for his musical talent since his appearance on ‘K-pop Star 2’.

K-Netizens commented, “Bang Ye Dam is not suited to be in a group, especially one that has many members and is focused on building fandom. Many people said he should debut as a solo artist, but YG was the only one who didn’t know, they let him be a trainee for 10 years and it didn’t help that he was added to treasure too.” “Bang Ye Dam already got a lot attention when he was in elementary school, he was a good singer since then. He would have made it bigger if he just released an album right after the show,” “Bang Ye Dam grew up so much,” “I heard they were both trainees for a long time, I can imagine how much they didn’t wanted to be a part of TREASURE since they left the group just after two years,” “I’ll get that Bang Ye Dam back, but I don’t understand why Mashiho left,” and “A lot of people were against Bang Ye Dam debuting as an idol group, lol.”

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