Hong Kong actor Kenneth Tsang found dead at COVID Quarantine Hotel – The Hollywood Reporter

The veteran of Hong Kong actor Kenneth Tsang, whose screen career spanned 50 years, was found dead at a hotel in Hong Kong on Wednesday, where he underwent the city’s mandatory travel quarantine for COVID-19. He was 86.

The actor was quarantined at a hotel in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui district after returning from a trip to Singapore, according to South China Morning Post, which cited a local government source. Tsang was discovered unconscious in his hotel room after his door was knocked on by health personnel performing daily checks, remained unanswered. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The newspaper’s source said Tsang had tested negative for COVID on Tuesday.

Tsang’s screen career began when he was only a teenager, with appearances in The feud (1955) and Who is not romantic? (1956). In the 1960s, he was a regular lead man, starring in a number of detective films and classic kung fu films. Later prominent roles included parts in John Woo’s A better tomorrow (1986) and A better tomorrow 2 (1987), as well as opposite Chow Yun-fat and Leslie Cheung in Once a thief (1991). Then he made his Hollywood debut in Chow Tun-fat’s The replacement killers (1998), continues to appear in Jackie Chan’s Rush hour 2 and the James Bond movie Die another day (2002), along with many other films from Hong Kong and the United States.

Hong Kong currently requires all travelers from abroad to undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine at a designated hotel at their own expense. On Wednesday, the city reported 430 new Covid-19 infections, an increase of 83 from the day before, with eight deaths attributed to the virus.

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