Honda: 800,000 electric cars built in North America by 2030

This month, Honda announced it would merge with GM to sell millions of co-developed “affordable” electric cars. And last month, Honda said it would partner with Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp. to market co-developed electric cars from 2025.

The 2 million electric cars that Honda expects to produce by 2030 represent about 40 percent of that year’s 5 million vehicles global production plan. But the Japanese automaker, which now sells about 4.5 million vehicles a year worldwide, has some way to go before it becomes pure BEV.

To date, it has sold only 32,678 batteries, cumulatively, since the launch of its first, the Honda EV Plus, in 1997. Nearly half of those sales, 14,324, came in 2021 alone.

The automaker has made a much bigger dent in hybrids, a segment that helped pioneer Insight. It has sold 3.91 million hybrids cumulatively over the years, including 561,165 gasoline-electric by 2021.

The limited-edition EV Plus, a squat three-door microcar, was Honda’s first EV, but the battery-powered version of the low-selling Clarity sedan was the first to be marketed in the United States.

Today, the Honda e urban runabout is its only all-electric offering for international sale. It has sold 8,729 of these sub-compact hatchbacks in Europe and Japan by the end of 2021, including 4,171 last year. Honda also sells three locally focused EV models in the Chinese market.

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