Hologram of Harry Caray leads ‘Take me out to the Ballgame’

Twenty-four years after legendary MLB broadcaster Harry Caray died, he returned to sing the song he’s been credited with making so beloved.

Well, such a one.

For MLB’s second edition of the Field of Dreams game — which the Cubs won 4-2 over the Reds on a field adjacent to the film’s set in Dyersville, Iowa — the league unveiled an ode to one of its most famous figures.

In the middle of the seventh inning, as is customary, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” rang out across the ballpark. However, the tune was led by a hologram of the late Caray, who is credited with creating and popularizing the beloved anthem.

“Okay, let me hear you,” boomed the hologram. “A long time ago. One one, one two, one three…”

Caray’s memorable voice then sang the tune along with a welcoming audience who roared in response.

There had been rumors of a Caray hologram appearing at some point in the lead-up to the game, which was met with mixed responses.

“Tonight, you’ll see a 7th inning stretch that could only happen with the magic of the Field of Dreams,” MLB on FOX teased on Twitteraccompanied by an image of a cloud resembling Caray’s face.

Caray spent his iconic career with five teams, including 25 with the Cardinals, 11 with the White Sox and the final 16 of his career with the Cubs, making him a prominent figure among the Chicago fans in attendance.

However, reactions online and among viewers were again mixed, with many calling the hologram “creepy”.

a hologram of Garry Caray leads 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' during the seventh inning.
A hologram of Garry Caray leads ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ during the seventh inning.
Screengrab/Fox Sports (2)

This is the second year MLB has played a game on the field to commemorate the iconic film. Last year, the White Sox defeated the Yankees on Tim Anderson’s walk-off home run in the first inning.

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