Holland opens sexual abuse investigation at ‘The Voice of Holland’

HAAG, The Netherlands (AP) – The Dutch prosecution has opened a criminal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct at the talent show “The Voice of Holland”, authorities said on Monday.

The prosecution said it acted on five complaints against four people on the TV show and now officially considered them suspects after the first charges were aired in January.

The show was taken off the air as it became one of the most serious #MeToo accounts yet to hit the Dutch entertainment world. It focuses on a show created in the Netherlands but broadcast in local versions around the world.

The scandal erupted after a local TV station’s YouTube show called “BOOS” – the Dutch word for angry – contacted “The Voice of Holland” to say it had spoken to victims of “sexually transgressive behavior.” It sent a broadcast about their allegations shortly after.

The Dutch television company RTL, which broadcasts “The Voice of Holland”, reacted quickly to the reports and suspended the show.

The prosecution said it expected the investigation to take some time and only then will it decide whether to prosecute the suspects.

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