Highland Park shooting victim Steven Straus is remembered as “one of the sweetest people you could ever meet”

CHICAGO (CBS) – Even as an 88-year-old, Steven Straus still worked five days a week as a stockbroker and commuted from Highland Park to Chicago on the Metra.

Jon Straus called his father a “real Chicagoan” who was born and raised in the city before moving to Highland Park in the 1960s, saying his father was still active and until recently an avid cyclist.

Steven Straus, 88, was remembered as a “real Chicagoan” who still worked every day as a stockbroker and commuted from Highland Park to downtown Chicago.

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Steven went to the parade on July 4 in Highland Park every year, including Monday, when he was one of seven people killed by a gunman who opened fire from a nearby roof.

Jon remembered his “amazing” father as an “unusually kind person” who was “one of the sweetest people you could ever meet.”

Steven loved following the stock market, going to downtown Chicago and being on the Metra. He also painted a lot and loved books and music.

Steven Straus (right) with his son Jon

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His niece, Cynthia Straus, posted a tribute to him on Facebook with the message: “Follow the sun Steve, to the other side of the veil.”

“He is an integral part of our family, a kind, sweet and gentle soul with great humor, intelligence and sharp wit. He towered over our family like a protective oak that protected his own,” she wrote. “Only those who have left this world know what awaits, and to me I can only say that if there are bells at the Gate of Heaven, then they chime and cheer for you, for a well lived life, and a soul But let’s be clear, NO ONE is going to die this way. “

Steven leaves behind his wife, two sons and four grandchildren.

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