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Here’s why Wonder Woman’s Hippolyta had to die

The following are spoilers for Trial of the Amazons # 2, which are on sale now from DC Comics.

DC’s latest Wonder Woman event started with killing Diana’s mother Hippolyta. The former Queen of the Amazons had recently joined the Justice League and looked like she was becoming a bigger part of the DC Universe. Although it seems that another fate was planned for her. Until now, the cause of her death has remained a mystery, but the ending of “Trial of the Amazons” put everything in perspective.

Now that The lawsuit against the Amazon # 2 (by Becky Cloonan, Micheal W. Conrad, Vita Ayala, Stephanie Williams, JoĆ«lle Jones, Elena Casagrande, Laura Braga, Skylar Patridge, Adriana Melo, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jordie Bellaire and Pat Brosseau) have brought the event to the end , the real cause of Hippolyta’s death has become clear. It was previously revealed that Artemis, the 90s Wonder Woman replacement from Bana-Mighdall, was the killer. When asked, she remained silent as to why she resorted to murder. However, she did not have to explain, thanks to this climactic finale.

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Before this event began, Artemis met with Hippolyta and two other conspirators, Diana’s aunt Antiope and Bana-Mighdall’s co-queen Atalanta. In this prequel story from wonder Woman # 781-784, “What Lies Beneath” (by Vita Ayala, Skylar Partridge, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Becca Carey), Hippolyta and the others recruited Artemis for their unknown cause, claiming that what they planned was the only way to unite on the Amazon. However, that would be catastrophic. Now the catastrophic consequences are in full view. The Amazons have been overrun by the power of the original Greek god Chaos, which Wonder Woman sealed during her time in the God sphere. Despite how bad all this destruction looks, it was ultimately for the best and explained why Hippolyta had to die.

By killing Hippolyta at the beginning of this event, Artemis and her fellow conspirators ensured that the Amazons would not notice the threat of chaos until it was too late. All the Amazons were instead caught in their own personal struggles, and the rising tensions between the three tribes were pushed to the breaking point. Because of this, it was even more important that they all come together to fight chaos in the end. By amplifying any situation to its absolute worst, the four Amazonian conspirators ensured that their people emerged from this threat stronger than ever and eventually united as one.

If Artemis had not killed Hippolyta, then the Amazons would not have been distracted, and the Themyscirans would have noticed that chaos appeared from Doom’s Doorway. As such, they would have sealed the god alone and never united with Bana-Mighgdall and Esquecidas, as they did here. Then all three tribes would have gone their separate ways and remain divided forever.

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Antiope and Atalanta both sacrificed themselves to seal the Chaos behind Doom’s Doorway at the end of this issue. They took the place of the one who would have won the Amazon Trial and are now the defenders of the Doorway. This sacrifice also eliminated two more of the prequel’s conspirators, leaving only Artemis to guard this secret from now on.

Artemis was sworn to secrecy and said she would take knowledge of this plot to her grave. She told Cassie and the other Amazons the same thing when her crime was discovered. In all the confusion chaos caused, she managed to escape and is now on the run, something that will be shown in the upcoming one-shot Artemis: Wanted # 1 (also by Ayala and Partridge). But if the real intentions of herself and Hippolyta were not made clear here, it is likely that this secret will never be revealed.

Eventually, Hippolyta orchestrated its own death to ensure that “Trial of the Amazons” would be exactly as it did here. Chaos may have caused much destruction across Themyscira, but this threat united the Amazons as one. It seems that the conspirators knew the risk in their plan, both during this event and in upcoming events, but decided that it was the best thing anyway. With only Artemis left, only she will be able to assess whether their actions were worth it when the United Amazons face their next threat.

DC teases a brand new (and potentially evil) Wonder Woman

DC teases a brand new (and potentially evil) Wonder Woman

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