Hamriyah Municipality is preparing the area to receive Eid

Sharjah: “The Bay”
Hamriyah Municipality prepared the area to receive the happy Eid al-Fitr, and visitors and families flocked to Hamriyah, where the municipality implemented a set of operational plans and followed up on the completion of all decorating and cleaning work as well as supervision and inspection, with the aim of create a state of satisfaction and happiness among the community of residents, visitors and tourists.
Mubarak Rashid Al Shamsi, director of the municipality, revealed that it has been doing a continuous job in recent days to express the festive and carnival atmosphere and joy of Eid, according to special Islamic designs inspired by the spirituality of Eid Al-Fitr. Municipal inspection plans program to receive visitors to the city’s beach and public parks and conduct inspection visits to markets and restaurants. Al Shamsi confirmed that the municipality’s work team intensified the ongoing preparations to prepare and equip the Eid prayer hall in Hamriyah and provide it with all service, technical and engineering capabilities to serve the audience of worshipers flocking to perform the Eid prayer.
He pointed to the addition of parking lots, work on redesigning them, maintaining cleanliness and planting roses and ornamental trees to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, in addition to the procedures for designing greeting and blessing panels at the entrances to Hamriyah. area on public street and squares to congratulate the passers-by and visitors of the city with the happy Eid.
Al Shamsi pointed out that Hamriyah Municipality is aware of its effective development role and its social responsibility, which will bring joy and pleasure to the heart of Hamriyah’s people and its visitors during the happy Eid period.

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