Groupize automatically introduces assistant ‘Gia’

The meeting platform Groupize on Tuesday launched the automated Groupize Interactive Advisor – in short ‘Gia’. Gia provides a self-powered onboarding platform and training videos, a step-by-stop guided tech tour and occasional learning center learning center to get up to speed as they approach the platform for the first time – or after a gap in usage. Gia also guides users through task-based checklists and offers on-screen help as well as chat functionality and can communicate about new features and encourage users to the desired booking behavior.

Groupize saw the need for Gia as companies energetically return to smaller meetings and events as pandemic concerns subside. At the same time, the meeting technology provider predicts that a large number of new and occasional users will need guidance on using the tools and features effectively. Gia has been launched in response to that need, according to business leaders, and is the latest in Groupize’s latest initiatives, including expanded language and currency capabilities, payroll and workflow enhancements, and virtual networking services. Groupize pointed out that even with Gia in play, the company continues to provide a dedicated human account manager the first year. Gia can also be customized for a fee to pursue customized policies, additional activation, and proprietary content.

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