Grizzlies Vs. Timberwolves: Woman runs on the field, delaying Game 4 in continued protest against Glen Taylor


Another Minnesota Timberwolves playoff game, another protester on the field. This time it happened in the third quarter of Game 4 between the Timberwolves and Memphis Grizzlies.

Just a few minutes into the third quarter on Saturday night, Patrick Beverley drove into the pitch and lobbed a pass up to Karl-Anthony Towns. As he was about to hit a shot, a woman jumped from the second row and tried to run on the field and disrupt the game.

However, she did not get far when a security guard sitting nearby was aware of her efforts and quickly chased her down before she could even come up with any kind of protest. The game stopped when several other security personnel sprinted onto the field and whipped the woman away without much trouble.

The protester was part of a group called Direct Action Everywhere, and their anger is directed at Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor over alleged animal cruelty on farms owned by his company, Rembrandt Enterprises.

“The group requests that Taylor donate all HPAI-related grants he received to charities and animal reserves as a ‘fine’, and undertakes not to receive such funds in relation to the recent outbreak and mass murder,” DxE’s press release stated. “When it says the NBA is no place for violent factory peasants, DxE also calls for the sale of the team – which is to transfer majority ownership to baseball Hall of Famer Alex Rodriquez and businessman Marc Lore in 2023 – to be accelerated, with Taylor immediately stepping down. down from day-to-day operations. “

During the Timberwolves victory over the Los Angeles Clippers in the play-in tournament, a protester from this group demonstrated tried to glue to the floor. Later, in Game 1 of this series, another protester chained to the basket and had to be cut free before being removed from the arena. In addition, the group claims that a similar protest was thwarted during Game 3 of the series on Thursday.

Taylor and the Timberwolves have not commented on the situation.

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