Green Arrow is coming out in DC Pride 2022!

Green Arrow is coming out in DC Pride 2022!

Connor Hawke, Oliver Queens son, and a former Green Arrow, comes out as asexual in May 2022.

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Green Arrows son Connor Hawke is your new asexual superhero

This year’s DC Pride anthology has just become even more exciting for talented comic book fans. Connor Hawke, son of Green Arrow, finally comes out as asexual in “Think of Me,” an eight-page story by Ro Stein, Ted Brandt and letter writer Frank Cvetkovic.

There has long been speculation about Connor’s asexuality, as the monastery-raised superhero since its inception in 1994 has repeatedly made clear his lack of sexual interest. While some said it was due to his upbringing among monks, ace fans acknowledged the truth.

Finally, Connor’s sexuality is becoming canon with the help of an all-ace team. “It was the extra little bit of help to have the whole team to be asexual,” Brandt told Them. “It really felt like it was a personal story for all of us on one level or another.”

Connor must meet one of DC’s lesser-known villains, Music Meister, who uses his singing voice to hypnotize and control his victims. The rogue character was first introduced in the animated television series Batman: The Brave and the Bold and was originally voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.

In “Think of Me,” Connor uses high-tech earplugs to prevent Music Meister from controlling him. The earplugs serve not only as a tactical advantage over his enemy, but as a metaphorical one that speaks to Connor’s interruption of allosexuals’ experiences and becomes the “emotional core” of his forthcoming letter. “I was very aware of the logistics regarding [the letter]”said Brandt.” Besides getting out, it also has to explain how asexuality feels, because a lot of people can not imagine it. And it makes perfect sense to me, especially because I’m also autistic. I do not understand what it’s like. someone who experiences something different from you. ”

Importantly, while Connor is appearing in this anthology, the story is also in DC’s current continuity, meaning that this is not a stand-alone narrative, but rather a “permanent fixation of who the character is,” as Brandt explained.

DC Pride 2022 hits the shelves on May 31, just in time for Pride Month.

As you can see from the previous Pride variant cover, the upcoming Robin # 15, in stores on June 28, 2022, has such a variant cover featuring Connor Hawke by Lynne Yoshii.

Several 2022 Pride variants are here.

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