Greater Manchester’s most expensive area, where house prices are sky-high and homeowners live on six-figure wages

There are certain areas in Greater Manchester that just oozes wealth, and this particular village is one of them. With its green avenues, gigantic mansions and famous residents, Bowdon in Trafford is one of the region’s most affluent areas.

A quick look at the price of properties in Bowdon shows that only the ultra-rich could afford to live here, which is why it has become a hotspot for both entrepreneurs, football players and soap stars. The average house price is a staggering £ 746,621, making it the most expensive place to stay in Greater Manchester.

Unless you have a six-figure salary, it is simply unaffordable to buy a property in the valued village. Houses cost more than three times the region’s average house price of £ 240,951 – and there is no sign that the Trafford suburb’s property market is slowing down.

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House prices in the village have risen by almost 70,000 pounds alone since December 2021 – which is the biggest growth in house prices in the whole region.

Not surprisingly, the majority of sales in Bowdon over the past year were detached properties sold at a whopping price of £ 1,129,500 on average. But even if you are looking to buy an apartment in the area, it will set you back £ 463,700, with townhouses also costing £ 489,000.

Bowdon Village – It boasts some of the most expensive properties in Greater Manchester, but the village itself is quiet with no village shop or cafe

However, this is no concern for the residents, with famous neighbors including Coronation Street stars, Manchester United legends and Real Housewife of Cheshire stars.

“Most buyers at this place have six-figure salaries and can afford such properties,” says Jennifer Jameson, CEO of independent real estate agents Jameson and Partners based in nearby Altrincham.

“Many of our clients are entrepreneurs; shareholders in family-run businesses; doctors; lawyers and those with large real estate portfolios, there are also some football players and celebrities.

“One of the main reasons for the price increase is the small number of family homes that become vacant in relation to the growing demand for homes in this place. The level of competition to secure a home has driven up prices and continues to do so.”

A £ 3.8 million house on East Downs Road
A £ 3.8 million house on East Downs Road

But the question arises as to why the area has become so popular – and so wildly priced – despite the fact that it has no cafes or shops.

“The Bowdon area offers easy access to the center of Altrincham, with the popular Altrincham Market, a number of small independent shops, trendy coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other amenities such as the metro link and the train station,” says Jennifer.

The area is well connected and offers easy access to the M56 and M60; it is just a 10-minute drive from Manchester Airport and a 25-minute Tube journey to Manchester City Center.

“In addition to this, Bowdon offers plenty of green space, which has become more and more desirable after the recent Covid lockdowns. We have The Devisdale; Dunham Massey, and it’s a short drive to the low peaks or North Wales.”

Bowdon is home to celebrities, footballers and musicians

Jennifer says young families have accumulated more income during the pandemic that would normally be spent on vacations and entertainment, and now they want to invest in larger homes for their families.

“We have seen a rapid gentrification in the Bowdon area with those who have retired and moved away from school grounds or reduced to local flats being sold to wealthy young families,” she said.

“Local schools are a major factor in most purchasing decisions, schools achieve among the best results in the country and parents who can afford to live within walking distance of such schools feel that they are offering their children the best opportunity to achieve a good education.”

Bowdon consists largely of beautiful period properties, many of which date back to the 1840s, when large factory owners and merchants built villas and mansions on this site.

Realtors say the most popular homes for sale in Bowdon are large detached family homes, which are typically sold within two weeks of entering the market.

There are two pubs The Griffin and The Stamford Arms

Ed Morris, associate in the housing sales team at Savills added: “Bowdon is a charming, historic area with a church, public house and easy access to some amazing walks. In addition, it provides easy access to the many amenities of the fashionable Hale village and town of Altrincham with their impressive selection of restaurants, bistros and bars, specialty shops and supermarkets.

“Lower inventory levels and rising demand have been the main factors behind the recent price increases in Bowdon, where many buyers want to move away from the larger cities to more suburbs.

“Bowdon has a fantastic reputation with buyers both locally and nationally. Suburbs are attractive to buyers and this is a big part of Bowdon’s appeal. We have seen continuous interest from a wide range of people who want to live in Bowdon and across of Altrincham over the past several years. “

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