Graduation of participants in “Digital citizenship”

Dubai (WAM)

The “Digital Citizenship and Digital Innovation Applications” camp concluded its various activities, programs and events, which were set to the culmination of its objectives to educate new generations with modern technologies, improve them in their minds and expand the horizons of their knowledge and think about to discover the future.
Launched by the Watani Al Emarat Foundation, Al Ameen Service and the Emirates Foundation for School Education, the camp, which is the first of its kind, targeted two categories: children aged seven to eleven and youth aged twelve to sixteen, for both genders , which was held in Dubai for three weeks at the Zayed Educational Complex, in both Arabic and English. Through its activities, the camp sought to prepare and prepare the participants of the camp, to experience the global competitions by being fully prepared and equipped by mastering electronic programming, artificial intelligence applications and robotics.
Dharar Belhoul Al Falasi, Federal National Council Member and CEO of Watani Al Emarat Foundation, emphasized that the digital citizenship and digital innovation applications camp is the starting platform for our participating children as it is the first step to qualify them within the path . of development and technological advancement to keep up with the tremendous acceleration in technology, so the camp is a guide to creativity and innovation. Through an integrated system of skills reinforced by values ‚Äč‚Äčthat stimulate minds for creativity, development and discovery.

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